Sungwon Cho Biography, Age, Height, Wife and Other Facts To Know 

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If you get overly irritated at your video-game-loving kid for making goofy sounds around the house, a look at the career of a certain Sungwon Cho could just inspire you to cheer your kid on. The name Sungwon Cho may not immediately ring a bell to the millennials and the Gen Z’s who now rule the internet world, but at the mention of ProZD many would immediately recognize that you are referring to a certain Asian YouTube vlogger who is known for his comic as well as his video game unboxing videos.

ProZD, as he is known across all social media platforms, is also the voice behind a number of video games including Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile, Chapter I, Apotheon and A Hat in Time.

Sungwon Cho’s Biography (Age)

He has that not-so-old look but do not be deceived by that soft looking Asian face, SungWon Cho is no spring chicken. He was born on December 9, 1990. Though born in Minnesota, Cho who is of Korean descent would later grow up in Lansing, Michigan where his family had moved to.

Like every normal American kid, Cho went to high school and even college. He graduated from college in 2012 with a degree in telecommunications, majoring in media arts and technology. But a college degree didn’t mean that Cho had the rest of his life figured out. Like a good number of college grads, Cho was aimless, a fact he revealed on an episode of SYFY WIRE’s Fandom Files podcast.

However, he did have one thing on his mind – voice acting, because he was convinced he was very good at impersonating anime characters. Luckily for Cho, this period coincided with the time when Tumblr was a thing so he got on the social media platform and began posting daily. He’d do impressions of anime characters and slowly then speedily the followers came pouring in. Cho hit it big in February 2014 with his first Goofy impression on video. He did a cover of Disney’s Frozen soundtrack Let It Go with Goofy’s voice and vroom, it went viral. From then on his fan base began to grow rapidly.

Off social media, Cho dedicated his time teaching ESL to Korean immigrants. In addition to Goofy, Cho did impressions of other anime characters including his favorite – Super Mario.

With a strong Tumblr fan base, Cho branched out into other platforms; Vine, Instagram, and . However, before he became known via Tumblr, Cho had already been present on social media. He had posted his first YouTube video in 2006, but it was his Tumblr fame that revived the account which now has over 1.3 million subscribers and over 300 million views.

After Vine shut down, Cho transferred all of his works to Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. SungWon Cho also operates a Twitch account.

Cho is today more than a mere YouTube vlogger. His primary goal for posting his impression videos was so he could become a voice actor and looking back, Cho can proudly pat himself on back for having come this far. Among Cho’s most popular works are; Anime Crimes Division, Sanders Shorts, and Red vs. Blue.


SungWon Cho is married to a certain Anne Marie. Marie on her describes herself as an “occasional illustrator, full-time tea enthusiast, and lover all things cute.” She is an artist and sells her sketches online.

Cho’s wife like himself is also a geek. It was their love for writing Super Mario fan fiction that originally brought them together. They got engaged in October 2015 and in April 2016, Cho took to his Twitter page to reveal that they had gotten married. Anne Marie was born on the 4th of April, Cho revealed in one of his Tweets.


Height and Other Facts

1. Cho’s height has not been officially listed anywhere, however, from his videos, we speculate the Korean geek to measure up at not less than 5 feet 3 inches.

2. Before Vine went defunct, Cho had garnered about 200,000 followers.

3. features at least 253 patrons which bring him about $734 monthly earnings.

4. Cho bolsters his endorsement and online ad earnings by selling his own merchandise.

5. He is a cat lover.

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