Elisabeth Shue – Biography, Net Worth, Children And Family Life

Elisabeth Shue's Net Worth as of April 2024 is $12 Million

Quick Facts of Elisabeth Shue

Net Worth$12 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 1 in
Date of Birth6 October, 1963
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American actress Elisabeth Shue made a name for herself with her remarkable role in The Karate Kid (1984). The renowned actress has worked her way to popularity in the competitive movie industry and has shown profound determination and tenacity over the years.

Also known for movies like Adventures in Babysitting (1987), Leaving Las Vegas (1995), Piranha 3D (2010), and many others, Shue is no longer a name to disregard in Hollywood.

There is so much more to know about Shue apart from her on-screen roles. Here are lesser-known facts about the notable actress.

What is Elisabeth Shue known for?

Elisabeth Shue is mainly known for her role in movies like “The Karate Kid”, “Cocktail”, “Soapdish”, “The Saint”, etc.

Elisabeth Shue Biography, Age

She was born on October 6, 1963, in Wilmington, Delaware, to her parents; Annie Brewster, mother, and James William Shue, father. She was raised in South Orange alongside her three brothers William, Andrew, and John. When she was nine, her parents divorced.

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She attended Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey where she would be inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame. After high school, she proceeded to Wellesley College.

Elisabeth’s inclination to the creative arts started to manifest when she opted to work in TV commercials to help foot her bills in college. Shue’s enthusiasm for showbiz started to grow at the time and she was also very good at it.

She later moved to Harvard University in 1985 to continue her studies. School kept getting in the way of her acting career and for this reason, she withdrew from the school one semester before her graduation to fully pursue her career. However, she later returned in 1997 to complete her education.

Shue began her career by appearing in television commercials, making a name with brands like Burger King, Hellman’s mayonnaise, and DeBeers diamonds. She debuted in the film faculty in 1984 with the movie The Karate Kid where she starred as Ali opposite Ralph Macchio.

In 1988 she starred alongside Tom Cruise in Cocktail. She greeted the 90s with a Broadway debut in Some American Abroad. She performed again on Broadway in Birth and After Birth in 1993.

Elisabeth Shue gradually grew in popularity in the competitive industry and started to get more and more movie roles. Some of her notable 90s movies include; The Trigger Effect (1996), The Saint (1997), Palmetto (1998), and Molly (1999).

She greeted the 2000s with her role in Hollow Man which received critical acclaim. This was followed by roles in Mysterious Skin (2004) Hide and Seek (2005), Gracie (2007), and many others. She played a supporting role in Battle of Sexes in 2017. In 2018, Elisabeth starred in the remake of Death Wish.

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What is Elisabeth Shue doing now?

Elisabeth Shue is currently busy on the showtime series Super Pumped where she played the mother of former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

Elisabeth Shue’s Net Worth

The talented American actress has a net worth estimated at $12 million as of 2022. Elisabeth Shue has garnered a lot of wealth from her movie exploits. The actress who started out with television commercials now has a lot of achievements to her name.

Family Life – Husband Children

Elisabeth Shue devotes quality time to her family despite her busy work schedule. She is married to film director and producer Davis Guggenheim.

After dating for a very long time, Elisabeth and David tied the knot in a magnificent wedding ceremony in 1994. The couple has been together since then, becoming a model for younger celebrity couples.

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Together, they have three children; Miles, their first son was born in 1997, In 2001 they welcomed their first daughter Stella, and in 2006, Shue had their youngest daughter Agnes.

Despite her fame and popularity, Elisabeth, in all ramifications, is a traditional mother who values her family more than her career. When her kids were younger, Shue seemed to have taken a break from her career to cater to their needs.

At the time, her career was not blossoming as it used to and as expected, fans kept on anticipating her resuscitation. During those times, Shue recalls her husband’s unwavering love and support.

In 1988 the talented actress lost her brother in a pool accident while their family was on a vacation. It was the same year she left Harvard, and at their summer house in Maine, a family tragedy changed Shue forever.

Her older brother, Will, two days before turning 27, was clinging to a rope while swinging over a pond. Unfortunately, the rope gave way and had him impaled on tree branches. He died as his siblings watched helplessly.

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