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Emma Hernan is a social media star who has become famous on Instagram where she shares her pictures. She started out as a model by accident when she was still a child after she was discovered by a model scout. Many years later, she still continues on the same path. Emma is a swimsuit model who has also been on a number of magazines, even though it is on social media that she found her real fame. She enjoys great followership with close to a million followers on Instagram and more than 15,000 followers on Twitter.

Emma Hernan Bio (Age)

It was in Boston that the model was brought up, which also happens to be where she was born on July 14, 1991. Of Irish descent, she was raised alongside an older brother who is three years older than her.

Although she has always had her good looks, her path to becoming a model was not something she fashioned out for herself. Instead, she was discovered on a certain day while she was out with her parents and cousins for lunch; she was approached by a model scout who invited her for a kid fashion show that was ongoing. A model who was supposed to be there failed to make it and so she was asked if she was interested and that same day, she signed with an agent.

In order to pursue her career fully, she moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and has since then, remained there. However, she has always been traveling to different places for photo shoots and modeling. One of the best places where she has had a photo shoot session was in Hawaii.

Her Boyfriend and Family

Emma Hernan is a very beautiful woman who many men would easily want to date. However, considering the nature of her work, it has, according to her, been very hard for her to maintain a relationship since she is always traveling. Nonetheless, she has been in a few in the past.

According to Emma Hernan, when she was growing up, she had a boyfriend who was older than her brother. She was in the relationship for 8 years before it finally came to an end after she moved to Los Angeles. For her, while it is easy to meet people in Los Angeles, it is very hard to maintain a genuine relationship there.

For now, she maintains a very private life and does not say anything regarding her love life, hardly can one tell if she is dating anyone at the moment.

The beautiful model was born and brought up in a small family with only a brother. While there is hardly much that is known about her parents, it is known that her family is closely knitted. More so, in her journey as a model, she has always enjoyed the support of all members of her family.

With that said, she is yet to get married and start her own family.

Emma Hernan’s Height

Hernan has good body features which help her career as a model. She has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and a body weight of 50 kg. More so, she has a very slim build and blonde hair.

Other Facts About The Model

1. She revealed that as she got older, both her dad and brother have become more protective of her, something that wasn’t always like that when she was much younger. Her dad was always there for her and although he was always protective, it has greatly increased over the years which she finds somehow funny.

2. Although her job involves taking pictures all the time and she shares the pictures almost always on her social media pages, Emma stated that she sometimes finds snapping pictures tiring. It is something that she has been doing since she was a little girl after signing for an agency. What makes it tiring for her is holding a pose, some outfit that one has to try so as not to get them wrinkled, and then the light that always shines on one. Because of the stress, she has passed out a number of times on set when she was a younger model.

3. She is a financially intelligent individual. The exact net worth of Emma Harnan is not known but she is doing well for herself, thanks to the fact that she has invested the money she has made from modeling wisely in stocks and other things. She got her financial knowledge from a Business School she attended.

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