Eric Brady – Bio, Family, Relationship with Wife,Net worth, Suzy Kolber

Eric Brady's Net Worth as of May 2024 is $100 Thousand

Quick Facts of Eric Brady

Net Worth$100 Thousand
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 9 in
Date of BirthNot Known

At the mention of the name Eric Brady, the first person who would come to mind, especially to soap opera lovers, is the fictional character of the same name from the long-running NBC Daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives, and they can’t be blamed. The soap opera’s Eric Brady is after all the most popular person with that name on the internet, but be that as it may, this write up is not on the fictional character but about a lesser-known person whose name only surfaced in the media as a result of his marriage to an uber-popular and successful sports journalist and reporter,

Marriage to a popular figure has long been a means to gain fame and Brady counts himself among that lot, although like many others, fame isn’t something that he has embraced.

Eric Brady’s Bio

Suzy Kolber’s Eric Brady is a man with many unanswered questions as regards his existence, at least to fans of Kolber who are very desperate to get to know details about his life and how he came into Kolber’s life. Unfortunately, Kolber, being an uber private person, has never ever shared any information regarding the man she is believed to be married to. Simply put, Kolber’s husband Eric Brady is a mystery man, as far as the internet is concerned, also no photo of him is available in the media.

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To the gladness of fans, most TV personalities are known to give away details of their personal lives on their respective social media pages, but Kolber couldn’t be more different. Though she runs both Instagram and Twitter accounts, the sports journalist sticks to posting about work and never about her personal life, thus, making it incredibly difficult to obtain any detail about her husband.

Eric Brady’s Family and Relationship with Wife, Suzy Kolber

According to public records, Eric Brady is said to be married to Suzy Kolber. Details about how they met and how long they dated before tying the knot remain a mystery, some non-credible sources have gone as far as claiming that they were initially in a long-term relationship before tying the knot, but this has never been confirmed.

Their marriage is said to have started in 2008. When the information surfaced online, it quelled lots of rumors swirling about Suzy Kolber, especially the one that had it that she was a lesbian. The speculation had been completely unfounded as many thought that Kolber’s secretiveness about her personal life was because maybe she was a closeted lesbian who wasn’t ready to “come out.”

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that Suzy Kolber had given birth to a child on the 5th of March 2008 in Connecticut. Kolber had done a good job hiding her baby bump while reporting on the sidelines and covering the year’s NASCAR for both ABC and ESPN. She gave birth to the child at the age of 44. She reportedly asked ESPN following the birth of the baby to allow her to do more in-studio work so she could focus on her child and this led to the program NFL32 which was in 2013 replaced with NFL Insiders.

Upon the birth of the baby who was named Kellyn, the media asked Kolber’s dad Gene Kolber about the paternity of the baby but he replied in typical Kolber fashion that it was a “private matter.” He further added that his daughter Suzy had chosen to become a “single mother” and declined to comment further about the baby. …And there lies the twist!

So, if Suzy Kolber had a child as a single mother in March 2008, that could only mean that she wasn’t married at the time to Eric Brady and that Eric Brady is most likely not the father of Kellyn. Thus, one can only assume that her marriage to Eric came after the birth of her daughter, meaning that the baby must have been fathered by another man or possibly through a sperm donor.

Some sources speculate that maybe Brady and Kolber separated shortly after their marriage but on the contrary, the sports reporter as of 2019, continues to sport a wedding band, thus, she is most likely still married, whether or not to Eric Brady, it remains only but a mystery that would unravel with time.

Eric Brady’s Net worth

Eric Brady has an estimated net worth of around $100,000 as of the year 2022.


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