Everything You Need To Know About Chris Chann, The YouTube Star

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Chris Chann is a popular YouTuber and webcomic creator best known for his masterpiece Sonichu. A very controversial figure, Chris has developed a reputation for being in the news for the wrong reasons. Born as Christopher Weston Chandler, he has changed his name twice in his lifetime; first to Christian Weston Chandler, before changing it to Christine Weston Chandler, following his gender switch in 2011.

Moving forward, Chris Chan is also known for being the self-acclaimed biggest fan of the popular Sega game Sonic the Hedgehog, a game which he treats as religion. Following his gender switch, there have been notable improvements in how Chris Chan is perceived publicly, mostly because of his involvement and support for the LGBT community.

Chris Chan’s Bio

Chris Chan was born on February 24, 1982, in Virginia, USA, to his parents Robert and Barbara Chandler. Very little is known as regards to the childhood of Chris, owing to the fact that he barely talks about it. As per his autistic nature, it might interest you to know that the foundation of autism in his life was laid at a very tender age when his babysitter locked him up so as to get him to behave accordingly. At the age of seven, he was diagnosed as autistic by doctors, owing to his inability to speak.

During his time in high school, Chris Chann was addicted to playing video games and reading scary novels; an obsession that inspired him to start writing comics. Upon graduation from high school, he enrolled into Piedmont Virginia Community College where he studied Computer Aided Drafting and Designs. In 2004 (while he was still in college), Chris was suspended for a year for being a public nuisance by loitering and soliciting for sex from female students in the school all in a quest to get a girlfriend. At the end of his suspension, he returned to complete his studies and eventually graduated in 2006 with an associate degree.

Fresh out of college, one might expect Chris Chann to try carving a career for himself in the field of graphic design but the reverse was the case. As a matter of fact, he invested all his time to get a girlfriend. His zeal and dedication to this target led him to compete in Parappa the Rapper Contest with the hopes that he will be able to attract females with the prizes. The show didn’t turn out a success as Chris would have expected. Nevertheless, it inspired him to create a comic which revolved around his ill-luck when it comes to relationships. As a YouTuber, Chris Chan is best known for his page CWCvilleguard in which he has amassed a total of 36.9K loyal subscribers.

Facts You Need To Know About Chris Chann

Here are 5 facts to keep to mind about the YouTube star.

1. Chris Chan has had to endure several forms of bullying ever since he became famous due to his autistic personality. Upon the release of his comic book Sonichu which caught the attention of 4chan (often referred to as a leftist internet hate machine), a video of Chris being overly homophobic was released on the internet. The video was all it took to piss off several internet bullies who took it upon themselves to unleash a downpour of pranks on him. The most ruthless prank carried out on him was catfishing – in which an entire relationship was faked so Chris could be heartbroken.

2. At 37 years of age, it may sound shocking, but Chris Chann still lives with his parents. His mom once assaulted a police officer while preventing him from arresting Chris.

3. In 1991, while Chris was in elementary school, he made a series of homophobic comments before going on to accuse the principal of carrying him on the lap, a case which was eventually charged to court. The school sought to have him moved to Special Ed but his parents rejected such offer, tagging it as a nuthouse.

4. A lover of pranks, Chris Chann once played a prank on his fans by pretending to pierce his taint on his penis which he had earlier claimed was turning into a vagina.

5. Unknown to most people, Chris decided to become transgender following heavy criticism by online trolls for being awkward and unmanly.

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