Who Is Flynn Morrison? 6 Facts About The Last Man Standing Actor

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Considering the rate at which Flynn Morrison is gathering up steam in his career, the young actor is pretty much gunning for the pinnacle. His promising career started when he was still a little kid and like most stars in his shoes, he started with the TV commercials and subsequently caught the right attention. He then landed his role on Last Man Standing, a project which put his name on the lips of many around the world.

Is the wunderkid still playing his role as Boyd Baxter on the American sitcom and what other shows and movies has he graced with his talent? Find all the details about Flynn Morrison below.

Who Is Flynn Morrison?

The ball of talent was welcomed into the world on March 17, 2005, in Los Angeles, California, the center of the United States’ film and television industry. Although his age range suggests he is in high school, there are no clear details on the schools the young actor is attending at this time or the ones he attended in the past. Notwithstanding, he must have harnessed the pecks of being born in the entertainment capital of the United States by starting his foray into making TV appearances quite early.

He kicked off his acting career on the set of many television commercials which has become a common avenue to enter the mainstream stage for most actors. The ads introduced him to various audiences, making it possible for him to land his first role as a professional actor.

His official debut role as Boyd Baxter in Last Man Standing became the reason he is popular today. He joined the cast of the popular sitcom in 2012, a year after it first aired. He grew with the show for about six years before his character was recast alongside the role of Mandy played by Molly Ephraim. In addition to his stint on Last Man Standing, Flynn Morrison has also appeared in Pretty Little Liars. He played a guest role in the American drama series.

6 Facts About The Last Man Standing Actor

Family Facts

Flynn grew up with his family in his city of birth and it appears he is an only child. This conclusion stems from the fact that he has not shared the identity of any family member, including his parents and siblings, if any, with the public. However, since he started his acting career quite early, it becomes obvious that he has the backing of very supportive parents.

Stint On Last Man Standing

He starred alongside  on Last Man Standing. He was cast in 2013 to portray the role of Allen’s character (Mike Baxter)’s grandson Boyd Baxter in the sitcom. The show propelled his career to fame and set him on the path of success. After six seasons, the show was picked by Fox for a seventh season following the ax it got from ABC. While Allen reprises his lead role in addition to other cast members like , Hector Elizondo, , Jonathan Adams, , and Jordan Masterson, the same cannot be said for Flynn’s spot on the show.

On the seventh season, fellow child actor Jet Jurgensmeyer steps into Flynn’s role as Boyd – the lead character’s grandson, born by his daughter Kristin – played by Amanda Fuller. According to producers, the character needed a change after a few factors were put into consideration. Molly Ephraim also lost her spot on the show.

Other Television Shows

Apart from the foregoing, Flynn Morrison has played a guest role in the television series Pretty Little Liars. His portrayal of Malcolm Cutler can be seen on the eleventh episode of season three dubbed “Single Fright Female.” It aired on August 21, 2012, on ABC Family.

Is He Dating?

Flynn Morrison is already in his mid-teens but it seems dating and relationships are the last things on his mind. He has not been romantically linked to anyone yet.

Net Worth

His appearance on a few esteemed television shows suggests he would be earning a huge sum but the details about how much he takes home per episode are not known.


Body Measurements

The young actor is still in a sprouting stage and is expecting to change often. Thus, a particular figure can’t be tagged to his body features at the moment.

This piece will be updated with more facts about Flynn Morrison as they come, stay in touch.

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