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When what you love doing is what gives you money and has brought you into the limelight, then there is no telling how far you can go in doing it. Faze Banks is an American celebrity video game player who also goes by the name Ricky Banks. What he loves doing, is what has made him famous and there is certainly no limit to what he can achieve with it.

He belongs to a generation of young and promising celebrities who are popular today for what they do on the internet of things. These young talents are self-made, what most people do for fun, they have converted it to a means of wealth and an identity for popularity. Here we will discuss Faze Banks’ family, wiki, bio, height, relationship status, his home and without neglecting the most widely asked question, his net worth.

Faze Banks Wiki, Bio, Family

Faze Banks also known as Ricky Banks was born on October 18, 1991, in Lawrence Massachusetts of the USA. He grew up in Lowell, and in his older years moved over to Florida. At Lowell, he graduated from Lowell High School in 2010. Faze Banks loved playing video games a lot as a kid even to his teenage and subsequently adult life. As a kid, he loved playing games like Madden NFL, NHL and Halo. His dexterity and mastery in playing the games like no one else saw him being the leader of the game team SoaR prior to joining the now famous Faze Clan.

Faze has revealed no in-depth information about his education and family background; his parents, who they are and whether or not he has siblings. It is not strange that he securely kept such information away from the public as most celebrity gamers tend to do. Maybe it is a thing among them or perhaps the public and social media haven’t been persuasive enough to have them reveal answers to these very much asked questions. Well, with time as their net worth keeps expanding, their bubbling fame will obviously reveal the once strongly guarded pieces of information. Bear in mind though that his parents are from Florida and are both of white American ethnicity.


Celebrity Faze started his gaming career as a solo gamer in late 2011. He created a YouTube Channel which goes by the appellation “BanksHasBanks”. He was able to command a huge amount of subscribers and currently has over 1.7 million subscribers on the channel with more than 2.5 million video views. After some time, he changed the name of his solo gaming channel from BankshasBanks to Faze Banks which is managed by the famous Faze Clan.

He is the Chief Operating Officer of the group. Faze Clan was founded in the year 2013 in Miami Florida. Other members of the group go by the nicknames: Faze Temperr, Faze Rug, Faze Rain, Faze Adapt, and Faze Adpat. The group is known on YouTube for their Call of Duty gaming videos.

Faze Banks Height, Girlfriend

Faze Banks is a handsome young man who stands at a towering height of 6feet 5inches. He has a moderate muscular body shape and will certainly be noticed wherever he goes. If not as a gaming celebrity, then certainly as a handsome young man who will have girls turning to catch a glimpse of his handsome self.

Faze Banks met Alissa Violet in June 2017. They got talking to each other online and going out together after having a brief conversation on a pleasant spring day. Faze described his feeling as being like they had known each other for a very long time. He talked about their love story on a video he posted on YouTube. The video has had more than 7.2 million views.

Alissa Violet is equally a YouTube sensation who posts comic videos on the platform. She has more than 3 million subscribers on her channel with fewer than 50 videos.


Faze Banks House and Net Worth

Faze currently lives in Los Angeles, California in his “Clout house” with his girlfriend Alissa and some of the Faze Clan members. They intend to turn the house into a physical social media talent management location where talented roommates will be recruited and housed to grow their talent. The house has a Twitter hashtag of its own trending via #CloutGang. One of his next-door neighbours is .

He has a net worth of $350, 000 with an annual salary of $120, 000.

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