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Apples do not fall far from their trees. That’s an overused expression but the cliche would be the first thing that pops in your mind the moment you learn that Filip Geljo is the son of Jasmin Geljo, the famous Bosnian-Canadian actor born on the 18th of September in the year 1959. Celebrated for works like Odd Squad (2014) and Odd Squad: The Movie (2016), Filip, as you will get to learn, is very much like his father who started his career when he was just 11. The man would go on to establish himself as a triple threat actor in his former country, Yugoslavia, before relocating to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he kept up with the pursuit of his acting career and eventually evolved into a film producer.

Filip is still at the earliest stage of his career and far from equalling the attainments of his father in the industry. But considering the rate at which he has been progressing, the future holds great promises for him. More than just confirming Filip Geljo’s age, the following is a detailed description of his life including facts about his career, family, and everything worth knowing about the actor.

Filip Geljo Bio (Age)

Given the fact that Filip Geljo is yet to scratch the surface of his career as an actor, it is only normal that many of the questions often asked about him have not been answered. Nevertheless, we have been able to establish that he was born in Toronto, Canada on the 13th day of April and in the year 2002. Even though it is believed that he was also raised in the dynamic metropolis Canadian city, details of his upbringing, and things like the schools he attended have remained a mystery.

How he got to settle for a career as an actor is also unknown even though many have come to believe that his father influenced him to walk the path. As stated earlier, Filip is mostly known for his role in Odd Squad, the Canadian-American educational TV series created by Tim Mckeon and Adam Peltzman. The series which premiered sometime in November 2014 features Filip Geljo and other child actors like Anna Cathcart, Millie Davis, and Dalila Bela. As it became a major hit, gathering several scores of nominations for coveted accolades and no fewer than 20 various prestigious awards, it is only natural that it dragged Filip who played Agent Otto into the limelight.

The massive attention that the children’s live-action series pulled warranted the making of Odd Squad: The Movie which was released on the 1st of August 2016. Filip reprised his role as Otto in the movie directed by J.J Johnson and his fame soared. This must have helped him to land his roles in the upcoming films of the Avatar franchise. Yes, we have been able to authenticate claims that he will be cast as Aonung in Avatar 2 slated to be released in December 2020; Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 which will respectively follow in December 2021 and December 2024. Even though the plot of the upcoming movies are largely unknown, it is said that Filip Geljo will be playing a young free-diver and hunter.

Meanwhile, Filip starred alongside his father in The Waiting Room, a 2015 film inspired by the real-life story of his dad. The film which bagged two Canadian Screen Award nominations in 2016 was loosely based on his dad’s experiences following his immigration from Yugoslavia to live in Canada.

His Family (Parents and Siblings)

It’s as though Filip Geljo’s family life revolves around only his father, Jasmin Geljo. While the older actor is the only one who pops up anytime people are talking about Filip’s parents, he is also his only family member that is known to the public.

In fact, it is not even known if the Odd Squad actor has any sibling just as the love life of his father has remained a mystery – thus, the identity of Filip’s mum is equally not known to the public.

Facts About The Actor

1. Odd Squad fans need not to be told about Agent Otto’s ability in solving mathematical problems, what they don’t know is that the portrayer of the character is very good in the subject.

2. It is said that Filip Geljo rarely uses the script provided for him in solving the equations. Apparently, the subject is his favorite in school.

3. Other works he’s been part of include The Last Chance (2014), Shahzad (2015), and Annedroids (2016).

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