Francesca Eastwood Biography, Siblings, Is She Married, Who Is Her Husband?

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Dynasties are very interesting, established by one person or a group of people, it builds and solidifies reputation and everyone who is associated with it carries an air of legitimacy even before they have a chance to prove themselves. It is a power that keeps generations of monarch and businessmen rich and wealthy. Dynasties are usually found in political structures with kings and queens, but they are also found in the business world, like the Rockefeller family or the Rothschild family. One place dynasties can also exist is in the world of arts, Hollywood to be particular, where the Eastwood family, under the leadership of have built a generation of actors and actresses. One of those actresses is Francesca Eastwood, the daughter of super actor and director, Clint Eastwood.

Francesca Eastwood – Bio

With siblings from different mothers, Francesca is the only child of her mother born to two film stars; Frances Fisher and Clint Eastwood. She was birthed on the 7th of August 1993 and she’s one of the youngest in the Eastwood clan. As expected of an acting family, she was born in Redding, California. Her birth certificate reads Francesca Ruth Fisher-Eastwood.

It goes without saying that she was going to be raised to become another prominent TV personality to continue the Eastwood hold on the industry but first, she had to get an education and she did so by attending Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, California. She continued her education at the University of Southern California from where she got a BSC.

Francesca is a beautiful woman whose body and facial features play well on television, and with her last name, it was important that she got indoctrinated into the Eastwood life as screen hoggers, so it was no surprise that before she completed her college education, she was already starring in reality television, which coincidentally was of her family. The show, Mrs. Eastwood & Company was a reality show that focused on Francesca herself, her stepmother, Dina Eastwood, and her half-sister, .

The show was the perfect opportunity to raise the media profile of the latest entry into the Eastwood world and it was a successful one, especially after Francesca and her boyfriend were filmed burning a $100,000 bag during a photo shoot. The outrage that ensued made sure that the name Francesca was known among Hollywood media and public followers.

Her other recognitions before she took her place as an actress include being Miss Golden Globe in 2013. Although she had child actress appearances, Francesca Eastwood’s first starring role as an adult was in a 2014 project called Jersey Boys where she played a waitress. Since then, she’s starred in a variety of films and TV Shows, including a famed Fargo episode where she and her mother, Frances Fisher played the old and young versions of a character. The episode was named ‘The Law of Non-Contradiction’ and it aired in 2017.

So far, she has appeared in a total of 18 projects both in film and television, with a rare lead role in the 2017 film, M.F. A. With her last name and her talents, she’s expected to appear in a lot more projects in the future.

Is She Married, Who Is Her Husband?

Exposed to the Hollywood lifestyle early in her life, Francesca has been in a few relationships with other industry personalities. She has dated Tyler Shields, with whom she had the controversial incident of a $100,000 bag. She has also dated and married Jordan Feinstein, who happens to be popular actor brother but the marriage did not last and it was annulled by Eastwood after a week. She finally found a lasting love with Alexander Wraith, an actor and trainer. Since the couple got together, it has been a smooth sail without the burden of too many controversies. They are currently expecting their first child together.


Francesca Eastwood comes from a rather big family. Although she does not have a direct sibling from her mother, she has six half-siblings from her father’s other relationships. These siblings are brothers; Kyle and both of whom are pushing the family’s Hollywood legacy as media personalities. Kyle is a musician while Scott is an actor. Her sisters are , Alison Eastwood, who is also a practising Hollywood personality, and .

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