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She is still very young, talented and hopes to rule the movie world someday according to a news report. Georgette Falcone is taking after what her daddy and mummy do on TV as actor and actress and there is really no doubt as to why she is so good performing as a kid or poised to take over the movie industry as an adult.

She is still very young but is making a buzz after her debut movie. People and her fans alike have started asking some general and more personal question about her. To give answers to these questions, we are going to let you be in the know of her biography, family, boyfriend and wrap it up with some interesting facts you would love to know about the talented Georgette Falcone.

Biography (Age)

Georgette has her birth sign as Aquarius, she was born 3 days to Valentine’s day precisely on February 11 in the year 2010 to her parents and an elder sibling who is 2 years older than her.

She is still in school but it is not known which school she was enrolled in or perhaps she is being homeschooled. However as time goes by and she gets older, we believe more information will be made public about her or she will probably give a detailed account of what growing up was like for her. For now, we know she is just doing fine with her parents and elder sister.


Georgette Falcone’s Family – Parents and Siblings

Little Georgette was born to celebrity actor and actress parents Ben Falcone and , dad and mum respectively. She has an elder sister whose name is Vivian Falcone born in May 2007. She is also an upcoming actress like her sister though still at a very young age.

Their mum is a famous American actress who has talents for other things and in fact is active in comedy, writing, fashion designing and a movie producer as well.

Georgette’s dad is not left out of the spotlight as expected, birds of the same feather flock together. He is a well refined, talented and professional actor, movie director and creative screenplay writer.

The dad and mum of young celebrity actress Georgette dated for 2 years before they married on October 8, 2005. The couple live in their Los Angeles, California home with their two lovely children who have made their debut appearances in the movie made by them: The Boss in 2016. Georgette appeared as one of the young girls working at the brownie company which was run by her mother.

Georgette’s venture into acting came right after she heard her sister Vivian was acting in The Boss. She became insistent on wanting to act too and her parents allowed her and were amazed at how impressive she was. Having parents who are masters in the movie industry, you can now have a better image of the quality and quantity of acting genes Georgette carries in her. This informs why despite being so young, she clearly understood how to aptly depict all the scenes she did in the movie The Boss.

In an interview with , Falcone was reported to have said “they haven’t asked for more work—at least not yet. “We’ll see what happens,” he said. “I’m not going to discourage it but I’m also not going to encourage it”. Perhaps it might be after college before we see them in a movie again.


Does Georgette have a Boyfriend?

She is still very young and it would be weird to hear news about her being associated with boys. Georgette does not have a boyfriend yet and is probably not expected to have any till like she gets a lot older.

For now, we believe she is still focused on her education and probably grooming her acting career (if she will continue) under the tutelage of her parents who are versed in the act.

Facts About Georgette Falcone

  • Georgette was born on 11 February 2010
  • She is of American nationality by birth and Caucasian by ethnicity
  • Her father comes from Italian background while her mother has Scottish descent
  • She has an elder sister Vivian Falcone who inspired her acting debut
  • Her parents, as well as elder sister, are all actresses and an actor respectively
  • She acted alongside professional actresses and actor like Melissa McCarthy (mum), Kristen Bell and in the 2016 movie, The Boss
  • Georgette has blonde hair and brown eyes

That’s all there is to know for now about her. You can always learn more about other celebrities of interest across all spheres of life on this .

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