Giselle Blondet: 5 Facts You Need To Know About The Actress

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It is common to come across Giselle Blondet being regarded as an actress. While this is true, she is much more than just someone who made acting her profession. Having spent almost 4 decades in the entertainment arena, it is quite unfair to submit her accomplishments as an entertainer only as an actress.

Should we ask her to talk about herself and her attainments in the entertainment industry, Giselle would surely, albeit subtly, point out that there are few of her kind in the United State of America. She would go beyond affirming herself as one of the most acknowledged and loved Hispanic actresses in the country and specify that she is equally among the most admired entrepreneurs and television personalities of Latin America.

Even if she comes across as being arrogantly boastful, one would have no option but to nod in agreement with her. This is so because, among other things, Giselle Blondet got to be the host of Nuestra Belleza Latina which is generally regarded as Univision’s most watched reality show. Disregarding that, she equally hosted the reputed morning television program, Despierta América. 

Although Giselle Blondet is no longer very active in the business of entertainment, she has remained relevant. The lady who has been serving as the spokesperson of L’Oreal Puerto Rico since 2014 is compassionate about promoting the welfare of humanity.

Facts You Need To Know About Giselle Blondet

The following are the things one ought to know about the actress. 

1. Her Age and Early Life

Do not attempt guessing Giselle Blondet’s age as you would most likely leave her in a place way younger than her age. She is in her fifties but would easily pass as a lady in her mid-thirties.

Anyway, it has been authenticated that Puerto Rican actress was born on the 9th day of January 1964. Her place of birth was in New York and, she was named Alba Giselle Blondet Gomez after she was birthed. Her parents are Alba Gomez and Victor Manuel Blondet. Though they welcomed Giselle in New York City, the couple brought her up in Puerto Rico which was where she received her education.

2. She’s Thrice Married and Thrice Divorced

Those who always want to make a point or two about how marriage is a difficult business, especially for celebrities, would readily refer to Giselle in order to drive home their sentiments about matrimony. She has been married thrice and they all ended in divorce.

Her first was with Luis Iglesias. The espousal which officially kicked off in 1982 collapsed sometime in 1984. Whatever the issue was, it’s best known to Luis and his wife. Giselle definitely had a strong affinity with the name Luis. She married another Luis, this time Luis Abreu in 1986. The conjugal bond failed to endure like her first; it fell apart as quickly as it started in 1987. Giselle’s longest union was with Harold Trucco. Still, it didn’t last to see a decade as it started in 1989 and faded out in 1997.

From her three marriages, she was blessed with three offspring, a son named Harold Emmanuel and two daughters – Andrea and Gabriela. While she had Andrea in 1984 with her first husband, Gabriela and Harold came from her union with Trucco. They were respectively birthed in 1992 and 1996.

3. Giselle Blondet is also an Author

From the foregoing, you have learned that Giselle is an actress and TV host, what you haven’t been told is that she’s equally an author. She published her first book, an autobiography – Con los Pies en la Tierra in 2004.

Her second book TENGO 50 ¿Y QUÉ? made waves as a fun and useful life manual for women. A chapter of the book contains Giselle’s recommendation of fun things every woman should do before their age clocks 50.


4. She is the Founder of “Gi by Giselle Blondet” Brand

This is only one of the many reasons the actress is often described as an entrepreneur. According to her, she started the brand with nothing except an idea and a dream. The dream has evolved into a brand of bedding and Jewelry collection that offers products which to her, are of excellent quality and accessible prices. As she and her team continue to work hard to expand the brand, the ultimate dream is to make women feel like the queen they are.

5. Giselle also Founded the “Arte por la Paz” Charity Organization

As stated earlier, Giselle seeks to promote human welfare. This was why she created the Arte por la Paz foundation which has been striving to promote meaningful education and as well, provide support for talented kids and youngsters hoping to pursue a career in art and music.

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