GradeAunderA (Ram Karavadra) – Bio, What Happened To Him, Where Is He?

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It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do and where you are from, YouTube has got space for everyone. There are many people who have become extremely popular on the video-sharing platform through their sheer commitment and hard work and Ram Karavadra, otherwise known as GradeAunderA, is one of them. He is a British-Indian YouTube star and commentator who rose to fame following his comic commentary on various subjects.

Ram first joined the video-sharing platform in 2013 and has been consistent ever since. His channel GradeAunderA has amassed over 3.5 million subscribers and his videos have witnessed millions of views. Interestingly, his videos take the form of satirical rants in which he uses humor and crude cartoon characters to convey his arguments. While his popularity has continued to increase. a lot of fans have been asking questions like where the YouTuber is right now and what happened to him. Find out all these and more as you go through the following paragraphs.

Bio Of GradeAunderA (Ram Karavadra) 

Born Ram Karavadra on the 6th day of October 1988, GradeAunderA’s birth took place in England. Although he was born in England, Ram is of Indian origin. He is a very private person, hence nothing much is known about his childhood, parents, and family background. He holds British nationality while he is of mixed descent.

Growing up, the YouTuber completed his elementary education in England. However, the name of the school he attended has not been disclosed. Similarly, he was said to have acquired a degree in Mathematics from a university; nevertheless, the institution he went to is not known. The YouTuber once aspired to be a teacher but all that changed when he kicked off his YouTube career.

Career And Rise to Prominence

The media star kicked off his YouTube career in January 2013 when he created his eponymous YouTube channel tagged GradeAunderA. On his channel, he began to upload commentary on various issues as well as comic videos. The duration of his videos ranges from a couple of minutes to over 20 minutes.

One very unique thing about Ram is that despite his popularity, the YouTuber has a way of actively connecting with his fans. He usually makes videos with cartoons by sequencing panels in Microsoft Paint and finally edits them with Windows Movie Maker with his Samsung Galaxy SII. His rants usually vary and he doesn’t stick to a particular topic.

Since the inception of his career, GradeAunderA has built a huge fan base on YouTube. His channel hit one million subscribers in February 2016 and two months later, he notched two million subscribers. Later in August of the same year, he reached 3 million subscribers. Currently, he has over 3.5 million loyal subscribers and his videos have collectively been watched over 300 million times.

Some of his popular rants have been about Ray Williams Johnson, Nicole Arbour, and CJ SO COOL. Others include DramaAlert, , PewDiePie, and the 2016 US Presidential Election, among others.

What Happened To Him, Where Is He?

While his YouTube career soared, GradeAunderA has equally experienced several turns and twists in his career. In 2017, after starting a two-part series commenting on fellow YouTuber being branded a Neo-Nazi, the young star disappeared from his channel. Two months later, he uploaded a video titled Is GradAunderA Dead? In the video, Ram revealed he was facing lots of issues in his personal life and that was the reason for his absence.

Interesting, he made a comeback in September of the same year, after being away for about four months. He continued making videos and in 2019, he uploaded two videos in January and February, respectively. Since then, nothing much has been heard about GradeAunderA to date. While his fans are curious to know his whereabouts, the media star hasn’t given any more insights about where he is at the moment.

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Other Interesting Facts about GradeAunderA

1. The YouTuber once said that his name stands for Grade A student Under Achiever and he revealed his face to his fans after hitting 2 million subscribers 2016.

2. Prior to his YouTube career, GradeAunderA was training to be a teacher but he was fired after he had a fallout with the head of the mathematics department.

3. Through his rants and comments which oftentimes go overboard, the media star has been heavily criticized for backstabbing fellow YouTubers like , among others.

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