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Racism has been a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabrics of many countries in the world for a long time. It is, oftentimes, marked on the basis of skin color; even though there are other forms of discrimination along the line of the human social stratification with markers that include ethnicity, religion, culture, among others. In most parts of the world, color has been the basis of racial differences and discrimination. That being said, the subject of this article is largely based on Harley Barber, a young lady who became popular for her racial slurs.

Barber was a student admitted into the prestigious University of Alabama and also a sister in an interracial sorority, Alpha Phi. She became popular when her two hate videos rocked the internet for a while. Harley uploaded videos where she used the n-word to refer to black people. The videos (which were later deleted) was posted on her Instagram account.

As expected it received a lot of backlashing comments. It became viral for a couple of weeks as other social media users shared the videos through their social media handles. The videos majorly contained racial comments against black people. Her statements in the videos were also not taken lightly by either her university or sorority as she was expelled.

Harley Barber’s Biography

Harley Barber was born in Marlton, New Jersey. Her birthdate or the identity of her father remains unknown, however, it is known that her mother’s name is Jill Barber and she raised Harley for 18 years before she was forced to kick her out because of Harley’s constant bad behavior. Since she was kicked out of her mother’s house, both mother and daughter ceased to communicate with each other. Nothing is known about her parent’s occupations or whether she has any siblings.

Generally, not much is known about Harley but when she became a person of the public’s interest as a result of her racist videos going viral, more information about her began to surface. For instance, it was revealed that she attended the Camden Catholic High School, although she didn’t graduate from school. It is unknown which institution she eventually graduated from. She was given admission into the University of Alabama – which has been known for its student’s academic prowess – and the world got to know about her admission through a post on Instagram.

Harley Barber did not disclose what course she was admitted to study at the University but we know, however, that she was also admitted and initiated into the women’s sorority called Alpha Phi. Alpha Phi is a very popular sorority which was established in Syracuse University, in New York and has been in existence since 1872. Aside from sorority activities, they are also involved with charity works such as Alpha Phi Foundation in support of Women’s Heart Health. It has 172 active chapters and over 250,000 initiated members worldwide.

Everything You Need To Know About Her Racist Videos

Harley Barber did not become popular for being a student or for being a sister of a sorority, rather she became famous for her racist videos. Her first video was taken in what looked like the bathroom of a bar or restaurant. She took the video while standing over a sink and was seen talking about poor people, those in Syria and her dislike for black people. After recording the video, she uploaded it on her Instagram page and it instantly went viral.


In another video which she posted on Martin Luther King Day, Barber still used the n-word severally and also mentioned how her sorority means everything to her. Further into the video, she was heard saying that she was in New Jersey and could use the n-word if she chose. She took this video in a car alongside other women.

Her actions and words cost her a lot. First, Harley Barber lost her sorority membership and then, she was expelled from college and banned for life from the bar where she made the first racist video. After being expelled, she was interviewed by media stations, where she remorsefully expressed her regret over her actions and words. She stated that what she did was very wrong and there was no excuse for her actions but pleaded for forgiveness.

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