Solluminati – Biography, Girlfriend, Age, Height and Net Worth

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ProfessionMedia Personalities

Solluminati is a renowned social media star who is best known for sharing gaming contents on his eponymously titled YouTube channel. He is particularly interested in NBA 2K games, which the YouTuber is exceptionally good at. His videos have garnered millions of views and attracted a lot of people to follow him and subscribe to his channel so that they can keep up with the content he shares regularly. Most of his videos feature him playing NBA 2K games, streaming other games, showing playthroughs, challenges, reactions, and entertaining commentaries, which have made him well-liked amongst the basketball-loving community on the content sharing platform.

Asides from his gaming and content creation career, Solluminati is also a skilled basketball player who spent most of his college years playing the sport, which might explain why he is very good at playing basketball-related games. He has garnered over 700,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, as well as 205,000 on Twitter, and an extra 229,000 followers on Instagram. With these numbers, it is easy to see why he is a popular social media personality. Solluminati strives to be a role model and inspiration to young people everywhere, especially those with whom he shares a similar skin tone.

Solluminati Biography (Age)

The young black YouTuber was born in Detroit on October 4, 1994. His real name is Javontay Baynes. He attended Odessa College before going on to Eastern Michigan University where he obtained his undergraduate studies. He became interested in playing basketball as a little boy and kept practicing until he got better at it, allowing him to be an important member of the basketball squad at every school he went to.

His love for the game led to establishing his own YouTube channel in July 2012, where he began sharing videos of NBA 2K games that he played. His very first vlog was titled 51 Game Winning Streak Highest in NBA 2K15. The success of this video inspired him to continue sharing more related content. Some of his most popular gaming videos include 1 Vs 1 Extreme Punishment Gone Wrong and 99 Overall Fast – NBA 2K16. Solluminati also shares other non-game related content such as reaction videos and challenges. His reaction videos are very well liked because of how funny they usually are. Some of his best ones include REACTING TO GIRLS THAT SMASH OR PASS ME and Solluminati Reacts to PrettyBoyFredo Girlfriend PS4 Prank.

The YouTuber is very consistent with his videos, sometimes uploading new content weekly. This has helped him gain hundreds of thousands of followers who really appreciate the work he puts out and the effort that goes into creating his videos. Solluminati has garnered more than 81 million views on the videos across his channel. He has another channel called Solluminati Roast, however, he rarely uploads new content on it. His witty persona, coupled with the original and entertaining content he frequently puts out has endeared him to many and is guaranteed to earn him even more subscribers in the coming years.

His Net Worth

Solluminati makes most of his money from YouTube and from the sale of merchandise. The more subscribers he has, the more people are likely to view his videos, which ultimately translates to more money in his bank account. He is currently estimated to have a net value of $180,000, but this figure is expected to rise as his popularity increases in the coming years.

Who is Solluminati’s Girlfriend?

Solluminati’s fame and good looks have brought him a lot of attention, particularly from the opposite sex and he has enjoyed his fair share of relationships. However, the gifted basketball player prefers to maintain a low profile when it comes to his love life. Perhaps he is doing this to reduce the possibility of controversies and scandals that might damage the brand he has worked so hard to build. Either way, he has not been very open about his romantic history until recently when he began dating a woman called Ashley, who is also a popular social media figure.


The famous YouTuber has an impressive height which allows him to dominate on the basketball court. His tall frame pairs nicely with the rest of his athletic physique, even though we haven’t been able to authenticate his exact height. Solluminati loves to look after himself and it shows in the clothes he wears and the things he eats.

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