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is known for many iconic films. His films are considered some of the best in modern history. One of his films, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is one of the many iconic films in his repertoire. The film is spoken of in positive terms for many reasons. One person who will always speak of it in a positive light is Henry Thomas. The American actor had his breakout role in the film as Elliot.

He has appeared in several other major productions since, including other modern classics like Gangs of New York, The Hard Easy, Dear John, and a few others. Who is the American actor and musician? Learn more about him by reading below.

Henry Thomas Biography

For the early parts of his life, Henry Thomas lived a normal life with his middle-class parents. He was born to them on the 9th of September 1971 in San Antonio, Texas. His parents were Carolyn L and Henry Jackson Thomas Snr. His mother was a homemaker while his father worked as a hydraulic machinist. Not much is known in about his childhood but he did not get plenty of it away from the public eye as he began his career as an actor at the age of 10.

Henry, despite the fame of starring in a full-length film at the young age of 10 managed to complete the journey of formal education. He attended East Central High School before attending and graduating from Blinn College.

A PBS Special on acting watched by Henry at the age of 8 ingrained the passion for acting in him and by the age of 10, he was already in it, making his debut in the film Raggedy Man where he played Harry. He was cast in a major film in his second appearance, playing Elliott in Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. However, success and an elevated profile aren’t all Henry Thomas got from his experience on E.T. During the filming of the movie, he got an early taste of the stress of being a public subject when his pet dog was killed by a neighbor’s dog. The incident itself, combined with the severity of public reaction to it, left Henry with psychological trauma.


He did, however, overcome it and since he got his big break, Thomas has gone on to star in several films and television shows. His filmography, which features credits in over 50 projects since he made his debut has credits in films like Bombshell, Curse of the Starving Class, Legends of the Fall and a few others. Most recently, he starred in Gerald’s Game and Ouija: Origin of Evil. In television, the story is the same for Henry; he has starred in various television shows and movies such as playing the main role in Betrayal, and episodic appearances in Moby Dick, Without a Trace, The Mentalist, Masters of Horror, Better Things. He played John Adams in Sons of Liberty in 2015. Most recently, he starred in The Haunting of Hill House, a Netflix show, playing the young version of the character, Huge Crain.

His career thus far has received some recognition, with seven nominations for four of his projects, namely Raggedy Man, Cloak & Dagger, Indictment: The McMartin Trial and his breakout film, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. One of his larger accomplishments is his 2013 induction into the Texas Film Hall of Fame.

Henry is also a musician, who has played and written songs for two bands, the San Antonio Band and The Blue Heelers.

Net Worth

Henry Thomas’ net worth is somewhat of a divided opinion, however, according to multiple sources, Henry Thomas has been able to build a nice net worth of $82 million for himself since he made his acting debut in 1981. The actor can look to films like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial for his considerable amount of wealth.

Family Facts: Wife – Marie Zielcke

Henry Thomas, so far, has been married three times. His first marriage, which was to Kelly Hill in 2000 ended just two years after. He gave marriage another try in 2004, getting married to German film and television star, Marie Zielcke. Zielcke had starred in films like Fata Morgana, Alibi and Lammbock. The marriage, just like his first did not last. The couple got divorced three years after their marriage but they had one child, a daughter named Hazel. He got married to his current wife, Annalee Fery in 2009, currently enjoying his longest marriage yet with two children and Hazel.

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