Holly Conrad – Married, Husband & Divorce

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Unlike the kind of celebrities we come across on a regular basis, there are others you do not get to see on your television screens every now and then. One of such people is Holly Conrad. Conrad is highly talented and it is difficult to restrict her to one particular profession. However, she is best known for being a YouTube personality.

Holly Conrad – Biography

Holly Conrad is an American costume designer, special effect artist, content creator, YouTuber, gamer, cosplayer, storyteller and actress. She was born in San Bernardino in Los Angeles, California, United States, on May 22, 1986. Conrad grew up in a small town called San Bernardino in the middle of a desert in California. She attended middle school and high school in her hometown. Most of the occupants of San Bernardino were either old people or those who were retired. She refers to her birthplace as peaceful and very calm. She and her friends were popular in the town and were often regarded as the “nerdy neighbourhood hoodlums”, they would walk around at nighttime as the town was relatively safe at night, and also hang out in coffee shops.

She has always had the creative instinct, while she was younger, she and her friends liked putting on different kinds of costumes as they felt it showed their level of creativity and also lighten up their hometown so people won’t see it as a boring place. Aside from her interest in costume design and creation, she loved playing video games. Her favourite video game as a kid was Super Mario Brothers. She would dress as a character from the video games she liked playing. She once made a Koopa and dressed up as a character from Super Mario Brothers. The Super Mario costume was one of the first costumes she made as a kid.

Holly Conrad attended the University of Santa Barbara, where she graduated with a degree in Medieval History. She later earned a degree in Folk Magic and Medieval Literature from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, UK.

After graduating from college, she worked for Disney, where she worked in special effect, creating creatures and costumes in shops. She also worked for other animation companies such as DreamWorks and Adult Swim.

Virtually everything Holly Conrad did in her childhood was supported by her parents and they encouraged her to do more of what she liked which has helped her build a career. She is not bothered if her choice of career brings her profit or not, as long as she enjoys what she is doing and it makes her and everyone around her happy.

Holly Conrad is also a YouTuber and she owns and manages the YouTube channel called CommanderHolly. The channel is more like a reflection of the things Conrad loves doing and it serves as a platform for her to share her passion with her subscribers. The channel is about her love for birds, D&D, history, art and playing video games. The channel was created on September 18, 2011. CommanderHolly currently has over 289,828 subscribers and has amounted more than 30,508,445 views.

Holly Conrad’s Family

Holly is the only child of her parents. Her mother has had MS ever since Holly was born and she has never seen her mother walk. Her dad had always worked to ensure the survival of the family. Her father later left the family, leaving Holly to take care of herself and her sick mother while she was still a college student. She soon started a full-time job at an animatronics factory so she could provide for herself and her mother.

Even as both her parents are not together anymore, Conrad is still very much close to them and she is in good terms with her father.


Is Holly Conrad Married With A Husband Or Divorced?

Conrad used to be married to fellow YouTuber, Ross O’Donovan. The couple got married on September 29, 2012, and were together for 6 years until they got divorced in 2018. They announced their separation on Twitter on September 19, 2018.

Ross O’Donovan is an animator, cartoonist, voice actor and YouTube personality. He is an Australian and was born in Perth, Western Australia, Australia, on June 17, 1987. He is a member of the YouTube channel Game Grumps. He is also the owner of the YouTube channel RubberNinja, where he posts videos of animations, comedies and video games. His YouTube channel has more than 479,650 subscribers and 22,246,917 views.

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