How Old is Tony Bennett, Who is The Wife or Spouse, How Much is He Worth?

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More than 90 years old, over 7 decades of music, close to 60 Studio albums, 31 compilation albums, 81 singles, and 20 Grammy Awards summarize the legacy of Tony Bennett. He is a singer who has become famous in Jazz and traditional pop among other genres of music. One of the best in what he does, he has sold more than fifty million copies of his records all over the world. Find out more about him below.

Biography – How Old is Tony Bennett? 

Even as the singer has come to be known by fans as Tony Bennett, he was born and named Anthony Dominick Benedetto on August 3, 1926, in New York City’s Queens borough. His father, John Benedetto who migrated from southern Italy in 1906 was a grocer while his mother, Anna Suraci was a seamstress.

By the time Tony was 10, his father was no more so he was left with his mother to take care of him and his older siblings, John and Mary. While the family was not rich, he had the support of his relatives who also lived in the home where he was raised. They became his first fans and the people who kept his fire burning as he always loved singing and painting.

Before he lost his father however, the young Anthony was already singing and with the help of his uncle, Dick who was a tap dancer, he got some insight into show business. When he was 13, he started singing and performing for money while also working as a waiter in Italian restaurants in Queens.

Tony Bennett would later go to study painting and music at the New York’s School of Industrial Art but was unable to complete the program as he dropped out to support his family which was still struggling financially. As a result of this, he took various odd jobs as he kept working on his arts.

Towards the end of WW II, Tony Bennett got drafted as a U.S. Army infantryman and this gave him the opportunity to study singing and acting at the American Theatre Wing banking on the G.I. Bill.

The year 1946 saw the young Anthony singing for the first time in a nightclub in Astoria. Three years later, he was discovered by comedian Bob Hope. At the time, his stage name was Joe Bari, a name that Hope didn’t like so he gave him the name Tony Bennett and then he took him to Paramount to sing with him, launching his music career.

In 1952, he released his first album, Because of You which was then followed by Cloud 7 in 1955. Since then he has released 55 more albums with the latest, As Time Goes By: Great American Songbook Classics released in 2013. More so, he has 11 Live albums and 3 video albums among the many things he has released.

In terms of awards, Anthony Dominick Benedetto has 20 Grammys and two Emmy Awards to his name among many others recognitions.

How Much is He Worth?

With decades of singing and painting under his belt as well as awards and millions of his records sold globally, Tony Bennett has come a long way and for it all, he has a net worth that is estimated at $200 million to show for it all.

Who is The Wife or Spouse?

From his painting to his music and even his love life, everything about Tony has a story behind it. Not all are good stories though, but they are all interesting as the man himself. Thus far, he has been married three times; the first was in 1952 to Patricia Beech. The two first met only a year earlier in Cleveland after a performance at a nightclub. They welcomed their first child D’Andrea in 1954 and then Daegal in 1955.


In 1965, Tony Bennett and Patricia were already separated as a result of Tony being always on the road. 4 years later, she filed for a divorce on the grounds of adultery and in 1971, their divorce became official. In December of the same year, the legendary jazz musician got married to Sandra Grant with whom he had lived for some years. The two had two children together; Joanna who was born in 1970 and Antonia (1974). This marriage again ended in a divorce in 2007 although the couple had separated since 1979.

The next woman that came into Tony Bennett’s life, Susan Crow, grew up as his fan because her parents were his fans. With 40 years age difference between them, the singer and Crow got married in 2007 having dated for more than 20 years.

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