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Gaming has moved from a private art to mainstream obsession and of course, money-making gig. While some folks still sit before screens and play games for fun, others have turned their hobbies into a successful stream of income. Trick2g is one of those. A legendary gamer, the American gamer has endeared himself to millions of netizens due to his gaming prowess and more importantly, how easily he teaches and carries his YouTube community of gamers along.

But Trick2g isn’t a generic gamer. Unlike many gamers today, Trick2g devotes his entire time and attention to streaming League of Legends on Twitch, where he has an impressive number of loyal fans. Asides gaming there are a host of other things he does. This article takes you through interesting facts and lesser-known details about Trick2g.

Who is Trick2g?

Trick2g was born—Tim Foley—in Florida, the United States of America, on March 5, 1984. Although the professional gamer has not revealed much about his childhood, early education or siblings, what we know is, he was born to a military father. He hardly spent his childhood in one location owing to the nature of his father’s job.

Career-wise, Trick2g didn’t have a regular path like most guys his age. Before delving into video game streaming, he operated a carpet cleaning business based in Florida. However, the business got into troubled waters and he was forced to pack up. A friend he knew from his Quake-playing days later helped him secure a job and also later assisted him in starting out his video game streaming career. Trick2g went professional in 2012 and by 2018, his incredible skills had won him so much following. After hours of practice and work, Trick2g gradually made a name for himself in the gaming world. But by 2018, the compound effect of sitting long hours without proper diet began taking its toll. More on that in the “facts” section.

Asides streaming, the League of Legends champion also creates gameplay guides for his fans who are keen on getting to the highest division of the game. As a revered streamer on Twitch, Trick2g garners tens of thousands of views and continues to deliver quality content for gamers. According to his latest schedule, he streams for 11 whopping hours on Sundays, 9 hours on Mondays, and 8 hours on Tuesdays. That has surely translated to some plausible pay.

How Much is Trick2g Worth?

So far as we know, Trick2g does not do short streaming. And his followers are comfortable with that. He streams for longs hours, sometimes for 12 hours a day—thanks to his on-stream antics. As of 2019, Trick2g is worth over $3.5 million. In a month, the gamer reportedly makes $11,250. And $135,000 yearly. However, it is no news that Twitch Partners and affiliates get 50% of the total subscription fee. So it is unlikely that the revealed amount fully reflects his gross earnings.

On Twitch, streamers get paid through the Cheering feature when fans and viewers cheer with bits in the chat. On Youtube, where Trick2g has over 1.1 million followers and over 450 million views, the story is different. He makes $1200 per day which accrues to $440,000 annually. Whatever he makes, he surely has someone to share it with. Let’s see who?

Does He Have a Girlfriend?

If you’re wondering if Trick2g is in a love relationship, our answer is yes. But if you are searching for details about who the lucky girl is, you may not find any. The YouTuber has been notoriously reticent about her identity. In his gaming content, he has often mentioned that he has a girlfriend but so far, details about her background, profession and how they met have been kept away from the public.

Other Interesting Facts About Trick2g

1. He was involved in a Car Crash. 

Trick2g revealed that one of the craziest things he has ever done was as a kid, he borrowed his mom’s car and drove off with it. However, he headed the wrong way down a one-way street and ended up crashing the car. When his mom asked him, he denied being involved in an accident. He added that he only told his mom the truth while streaming and surprisingly to him, his mom knew the truth all along.

2. Health Issues

With back problems and other traces of postural defects cropping up, Trick2g admitted that streaming long hours together with a loads of junk food has not been a good path for his health. And so in 2018, he started to exercise and eat healthily.

3. Gaming Streak

One feature that stands out for Trick2g is his entertaining streams. With rage moments and other funny highlights viewers are not only in for a learning experience but an entertaining one as well. As of this writing, he is reckoned to be the best Udyr player in the world and also the initiator of the Nunu Crisis in the League of Legends.

4. Gaming for Charity

In December 2018, Trick2g helped raised over $21,000 for a charity home. That isn’t the first time he is streaming fro charity. In 2015, while streaming to raise funds for charity, Trick2g was banned on Twitch for faking his own swatting. Although the prank didn’t go down well with his fanbase, he did not lose their support nonetheless. He was later unbanned 24 hours later when fans went gaga with the #FreeTrick hashtag on Twitter.

5. Trick2g Lives in a Boat

Sources believe that Trick2g does not have a regular home. But lives in a boat in Richmond, Virginia, on the James River. Neither him nor his manager, Cher Gambino, have come out to refute the rumors.

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