Is Gillian Anderson Gay Or Married To A Husband After Her Last Divorce?

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A ravishing British-American actress, is known to the world for her spectacular acting credits in several films and television series. She is equally recognized by the revered order of Chivalry of the British Empire for her contributions to drama. It is indisputable that this lady is soaring high on the career front. On the other hand, one can’t help but wonder about the romantic front? What are her relationships like? We know she has been married before and things went south and ended in divorce but what about now? Is Gillian Anderson gay or married to a husband after her last divorce? Find out here.

Is Gillian Anderson Gay?

The X-Files star is not gay but she is not completely straight either. In 2012, she came out to identify as bisexual in honor of her former partner who died of brain cancer. The actress felt it was time to pull the cat out of the bag a year after the death of her unnamed partner, she mentioned that the relationship had been a very meaningful one in her life and that the lady remained loyal to her until her death. She also told Out Magazine in an interview in March of the same year that she has been in a number of relationships with women, starting from high school.

In the same interview with Out Magazine, Gillian stated that she was voted “Most Likely to Get Arrested” and “Most Bizarre” because of how she chose to live her life and the kind of people she rolled with. She was in a secret relationship with a girl for a long time, dated a drug-addicted punk rock artist, as well as a man who was way older than her. Gillian was definitely out to have all sorts of sexual fun anyone could think of and people have constantly asked one question about her, is Gillian Anderson gay?

The outspoken actress also added that shame had not been attached to her “anarchistic behavior” – as she put it.  She had a carefree attitude to them all, especially the part about her dating a girl. Gillian even revealed that she wondered if the experience would have been different for her if she was 100% gay. However, she later concluded that she was convinced that her carefree attitude to it came from the knowledge that she was still attracted to boys. However, this has not stopped people from asking if Gillian Anderson gay as she gives the public no option than to continually speculate about here sexuality.

Who Did Gillian Anderson Marry After Her Last Divorce?

Gillian Anderson has been married to men twice and this sort of answered the question about her sexuality, a question that has popped up on numerous occasions. Her first marriage which was to the Canadian art director Clyde Klotz was in January 1994. As at then, her husband worked as an assistant director on her X-Files TV series. Klotz is also the father of Anderson’s carbon copy of a daughter, Piper Maru who was born on September 25, 1994, nine months after her parents got married.

However, that marriage did not last for long as the couple got a divorce in 1997. Gillian Anderson found love again after a few years and this time, it was with the filmmaker, Julian Ozanne, whom she married in Kenya on December 29, 2004. Howbeit, this marriage did not even last as long as her first as she announced her separation from the man in April 2006.

Following Gillian’s separation from Ozanne, she hooked up with the entrepreneur, Mark Griffiths, in 2006 and the two welcomed their first son, Oscar on November 1 of the same year. Then a second child, Felix came along on October 15, 2008. Although they were never married, Griffiths and Anderson were together for six years before they went their separate ways in 2012.

In 2015, Anderson stated during an interview with The Daily Telegraph that a relationship for her is about loving a person, irrespective of their gender and that she was open to the idea of starting another relationship with a woman. This fueled the ongoing speculations about her sexuality, especially the frequently asked question – is Gillian Anderson gay? However, the following year she started going out with the British playwright, Peter Morgan, the creator of the award-winning historical television series, The Crown. Though the lovebirds try to maintain a low profile when it comes to their relationship, they have made some public appearances together, albeit rare. They were together at a promotional party for The Crown in New York in 2016 and recently at a restaurant in Mayfair, London, where they were having dinner on June 20, 2019.

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