Is Steve Martin Retired and How Much Is He Worth Now?

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Steve Glenn Martin is undoubtedly one of the most talented and outstanding veteran icons the TV and entertainment industry has ever produced. Of the many comedy greats who have graced our screens and stage, Martin stands on a pedestal of his own. However, Steve Martin retired from stand-up nearly immediately after he kick-started his acting career.

Best known for his strides in acting and stand-up comedy, Martin is also a writer, playwright, filmmaker, and musician, all of which have earned him several nominations and awards which include the Grammy, Academy and Emmy Awards.

Born August 14, 1945, in Waco Texas, Martin began his career in comedy during his college days. By the 70s, he had become something of a legend, performing stand up comedy before packed houses and on The Tonight Show, The Gong Show, The Muppet Show, HBO’s On Location and Saturday Night Live, where he made several regular appearances on the latter, helping grow its viewership exponentially.

Martin’s movies include The Jerk, Three Amigos, Cheaper By The Dozen and The Pink Panther 1 and 2. While his lovable on-screen character and on-stage personality has endeared many to him throughout his career of almost 50 years, Martin has seen success in other areas such as authoring, writing, music, playing the banjo and collecting art. In fact, at a point in his career, he had begun acting less and concentrating more on music, touring and making albums, winning up to 4 Grammies in the process.

Is Steve Martin Retired?

Fans and the movie world would have noticed the conspicuous absence of the star from the spotlight lately, his last reel appearance being in Billy Lynn’s 2016 Long Halftime Walk. This has raised many questions on whether or not Steve Martin retired from TV and acting.

According to sources, Martin, in 2016 announced his retirement from professional acting. However, he has indicated that this doesn’t mean he is entirely off the screen. In fact, in an interview with Biography, he said that acting was ‘fun’ as long as the hours aren’t too long.

In reality, Martin leads a busy life off-screen. He is dedicated to his love for bluegrass music and touring. He’s also authoring books, writing and producing plays, and organizing art exhibitions. But most importantly, he has revealed his desire to just be with his family at this time and stage in his life.

Nonetheless, considering the hints he’s made at an on-screen comeback, perhaps adoring fans can expect to be gifted with his appearance on the big screen one more time. It’s fingers crossed. For now, it is safe to say that Steve has moved away from the screen to pursue other interests including raising his family.

How Much Is Steve Martin Worth Now?

Martin’s net worth is estimated to be a massive $130 million, which he has earned from his long-standing career as an actor, his tours as a stand-up comedian, TV shows, music and album sales, book sales, and perhaps his art exhibitions, as well as SNL appearances.

At over seven decades of age, Martin still has energy left to commit to carrying out various off-screen interests of his, making it a possibility his net will still rise until definite retirement.


Other Facts To Know About Steven Martin

Here are 10 interesting facts about this icon every fan should know:

1. His first job was selling guidebooks at DisneyLand at age 10. It lasted for 3 years.

2. He has made 27 SNL appearances and has guest-hosted it 15 times.

3. Steve has so far won 4 Grammies,  he retired from stand up comedy in 1981.

4. He created an award dedicated to bluegrass and banjo music.

5. His first ever writing job was on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and it was a job he had landed with the help of an ex-girlfriend.

6. Besides comedic, lighthearted roles, Martin has played some serious movie roles such as in Grand Canyon.

7. He once considered ditching his dream of being an actor-comedian to become a professor after being inspired by his philosophy classes at California State University.

8. He is a best selling author.

9. He collects art actively.

10. He became a father for the first time at age 67.

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