Ivone Kowalczyk: Ex-Wife of Andy Dick

Quick Facts of Ivone Kowalczyk

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Ivone Kowalczyk is the ex-wife of eccentric comedian Andy Dick. She was born somewhere in the United States of America.


Ivone Kowalczyk must have been born in the United States because she was previously married to an American comic, Andy. Therefore, Ivone is an American citizen of white ethnicity.

Ivone Kowalczyk with her ex-husband Andy Dick.

Ivone Kowalczyk: Husband

She was once married to the eccentric comedian Andy Dick in her personal life. In 1986, the couple married. Unfortunately, her marriage did not last, and they divorced in 1990.

What was the cause of their divorce?

They have kept the details of their divorce confidential.

However, Dick has experimented with drugs, has been accused of sexual harassment, and exhibits erratic behavior, and the divorce may or may not be related to the divorce.


Lucas Kowalczyk is Ivone Kowalczyk’s son from her marriage to Dick. On February 22, 1988, Lucas was born in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States.

Ivonne’s son has an acting and writing career and is most recognized for his appearances in the 2009 movies Funny People,’ ‘Kissing Strangers,’ and ‘Hard Plastic’ (2020).

Ivone Kowalczyk’s son Lucas Kowalczyk.

Furthermore, he is currently known as Lucas ström, and he is married to Sofia ström.

What is the net worth and salary of Ivone Kowalczyk?

We can’t even approximate her net worth or salary because we don’t know anything about her career or profession.

But, given that she was formerly a celebrity wife, we’re guessing she’s also playing in the millions. So even if she keeps her personal life private, she must be doing business or working in another career.

So, she is leading a luxury life based on her current state. Similarly, she must have received a sizable quantity of money throughout the divorce proceedings from her rich husband, Andy Dick.

Her husband Andy Dick’s net worth is approximately $5 million.

Ivone Kowalczyk: Ex-Husband’s Controversy

Throughout his career, he has made several contentious decisions.

He allegedly used narcotics, was arrested, inappropriately touched individuals, had his genital areas exposed and was involved in a hit-and-run, among other things.

For these and other reasons, he has been ordered to leave stages, fined, arrested, and even lost parts, among other things.

Furthermore, he has been linked to the death of his buddy and fellow entertainer Phil Hartman.

Ivone Kowalczyk’s husband Andy Dick.

According to their mutual friend Jon Lovitz, it was Dick who reintroduced Hartman’s wife Brynn to cocaine even though she was clearly in recovery.

After a disagreement with Hartman, Brynn went for drugs, shot him, and then killed herself.

Will Ivone Kowalczyk and Andy Dick ever be able to get together?

It’s been three decades since their marriage ended, and the chances of them getting back together are minimal but not impossible.

The former couple is also thought to have moved on with their lives. However, according to sources, the two were sighted in 2003 at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California.

However, Ivanka’s and Andy’s meeting could imply that their connection was amicable but not romantic at the time.

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