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Izabela Vidovic is a young American actress and singer of mixed heritage – Croatian and Dutch. She is best known for the characters she portrayed in hit movies like Wonder, Homefront, Find Me, and the series, The Fosters. Even though she is barely out of her teens, the phenomenal actress is already making a name for herself in Hollywood as one of the better performers in the business, and with every new role she undertakes, she is preparing herself for a more serious future that might include big awards.

Izabela has amassed millions of fans from all over the world, thanks to her acting dexterity. She is expected to feature in more blockbuster, hit movies, and television series in the future to further expand her acting resume and fan base.

Izabela Vidovic Biography (Age)

The Wonder actress was born on May 27, 2001, in Chicago, Illinois. Izabela has always been a movie buff and she knew from a very young age that she wanted to be an actress like after watching her perform in Titanic. She began acting when she was only seven years old, featuring her school’s theatre productions, as well as stage productions of Mary Poppins, Annie, and Camp Rock. After dallying around the stage for several years, Izabela decided to move on to television and film productions, making her screen debut with a minor role in Deadtime Stories, a horror and fantasy series in which she played Robin Peterson.

She got her career break when she scored a role in the action film Homefront, where she played daughter Maddy Broker, appearing alongside world-class actors like , , and Kate Bosworth. She went on to feature as Isobel in the popular television series iZombie, garnering more attention for her role and the series. Izabela also has a recurring role in the freeform show The Fosters, where she depicts the beloved character, Isabella Shaw.

As a promising up and comer in the industry, Izabela Vidovic has managed to land some pretty major roles on the small and large screens, including the TV adaptation of the comic Supergirl in which she played the young Kara Denver. She starred in the movie Find Me alongside her mother in 2012. Izabela has also appeared in some episodes of The 100 and other The CW shows. She has also featured in About A Boy, Halo: The Fall of Reach, and Wonder in which she plays the sister of the lead character.

On the personal front, it is unclear whether Izabela is single or merely keeping her relationship life under wraps to keep the public eye away from it. However, she is quite fond of her Fosters co-star, , and the two are often pictured together at events and on social media posts. Whether they are partners or not, they clearly would make a good couple, should they ever decide to go down that road.

Thanks to her seven-year-long professional career, Izabela Vidovic has amassed sizeable wealth. Her recent movie, Wonder has grossed over $300 million globally, which has no doubt contributed to her value as an actress. She is reported to earn around $50,000 per episode for television show appearances.

Parents and Siblings

Izabela hails from a family with a strong acting background. She is the first daughter of Mario Vidovic and Elizabeth Vidovic. She has a very rich ethnic heritage. Her maternal grandparents Marko and Ankica Basic are originally Germany-based Croatians who raised their daughter, Elizabeth, Izabela’s mother, in Busovaca, Bosnia. Her father is also Croatian, who moved to Chicago where he met his lovely wife, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Vidovic is a well-known actress, writer, and filmmaker. She is popular for her roles in the movies Farzeneh, My Name is Asia, Find Me, and May I Die. Izabela’s sister Katrina is also an actress, and she appeared alongside her and her mother in Find Me. The family shares a wonderful home in California, where they continue pursuing their various careers. They regularly visit Croatia so the kids can stay connected to their roots, thanks to this, Izabela can speak her native language as fluently as she does English.


Height, Weight, Body Stats and Features

The young actress stands at 5 feet 3 inches in height which is a little bit on the short side, but she more than makes up for it with her large screen presence. Her character seems to fill every room she enters. Izabela is a slender young woman who looks great in any outfit she wears. She is a brunette with luxurious hazel-brown hair, dark eyes, and an ambition that won’t quit.

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