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Fans of rock music are familiar with the alternative rock band, Papa Roach which has as its frontman, founder and lead singer, Jacoby Dakota Shaddix. Shaddix does not only lead the life of a rock singer as he has appeared in movies, written and performed rap songs, as well as presented shows on TV. He also owns a clothing line which is inspired by the genre of music he’s into.

Jacoby Shaddix has had a difficult rise to fame. Keep reading to learn more about the life of this prolific musician; from his family to his career attainments and other facts of his life, below are the things to know about Mr. Shaddix.

Jacoby Shaddix Biology (Age)

On the 28th of July in 1976, in Mariposa California, Richard Kent Shaddix and Colleen Scarlett welcomed their child Jacoby to the world. His childhood was a difficult one as the first few years of his life was spent on the streets; this is because his parents as well as his two brothers (Bryson and Trevor) were homeless and had issues with housing. But as fate would have it, things slowly got better for the family.

Shaddix is of Irish, Scottish, and German heritage. His high school education was at Vacaville High school in California, this was where his passion for music was birthed. His first contact with music was in the school band playing the clarinet; he also played football during his time there.

In 1993, he created the band Papa Roach which is named after his grandfather with his friend David Buckner who was on the drums. The bassist was Will James and Ben Luther rocked the guitar. By 2007, all original members of the band had been replaced except Shaddix. The band’s first body of work was the EP Potatoes for Christmas and it was released in 1994 while their first album Old Friends from Young Years was released in 1997 to public acclaim. Since their debut album in 1997, Papa Roach has gone on to release ten more albums.

Jacoby Shaddix’s musical career is not limited to his work with the band as he has also worked as the lead singer of the band Fight the Sky for a year. He contributed to the music of Black Eyed Peas, Brian McKnight, and Mark Morton among many others.

The MTV show Scarred was named after the hit song Scars by Papa Roach. Jacoby Shaddix was the host of this show for the period it aired, appearing in all of its episodes, which was twenty in number. He had to eventually leave the show as he had to go on tour with his band.

His Net Worth

Jacoby Shaddix has had a very robust career in show business as a musician, actor, and TV host; all of which are sure to bring in streams of money to his coffers. As a musician, he has recorded a number of sold out concerts and released albums that were widely received, coupled with his fashion line which he owns with Jeff Henry, an actual fashion designer. All of these have contributed to his net worth which is estimated to be $12 million.

Family, Wife, and Kids

While Jacoby Shaddix was in high school, he met Kelly. The two got married in 1998 and have three children together all sons; Makaile, Jagger, and Brixton. In 2012, because of his substance abuse, the couple separated, but they got back together a year later.

Jacoby Shaddix has been vocal about his mental health. He once revealed publicly that he suffers from depression and has contemplated suicide a number of times. His struggle with the illness has been documented in some of his songs. Jacoby Shaddix has also revealed that as a child, he watched his parents struggle to get the appropriate medication for his brother who suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The musician hopes that there is a general understanding of how mental illnesses work.


Height – How Tall Is He?

It is obvious from pictures of Jacoby Shaddix that he is not a short man, he stands at 5 feet 9 inches and his current weight is unknown. Even if he is of diminutive stature, it wouldn’t have limited him from delivering powerful and energy-filled live performances as he is a very confident and talented fella. His hair color which has gone through many color transformations is actually black and he has piercing eyes of green.

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