James Ellsworth Of WWE Wiki, Who Is The Wife, What Is His Net Worth?

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The memorable catchphrase “Every man with two hands has a fighting chance.” was made by James Ellsworth of the WWE who did not give up when he lost in a fight against a man who’s two times his size and reputed to be a beast in the rings. Even though the lightweight wrestler was defeated in his match against Braun, he still got the attention of the fans because any man who is bold enough to take on a man so much bigger and heavier than himself will definitely catch the interest of the onlookers.

Although the catchphrase was said once, it caught fire and today, we get to see it emblazoned on online memes, some people even went as far as plastering it as a slogan on T-shirts.

Who Is James Ellsworth Of WWE?

Born on the 11th day of December 1984, in Baltimore Maryland USA, the former WWE wrestler who is known for being chinless (without a chin) made his wrestling debut on the 5th day of June 2002. Standing at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighing a total of 80 kg did not deter the lightweight who trained under the supervision of Axl Rotten from going into the WWE and taking on opponents who were more than twice his size.

Before going into wrestling as a career, James Ellsworth worked as a jobber man and also as a promotion agent for Adrenaline Championship wrestling. His time with the WWE can be described as hilarious since he tried unsuccessfully to defeat the beast that was Braun Strowman, when you imagine a man as small as James coming up against a formidable opponent who is much bigger and has the reputation of crushing bigger opponents, u cannot help but smile at the image that would readily come to mind.

Details of the former wrestler’s family and educational background are not known but he has two beautiful daughters who cannot be kept hidden because of their love for wrestling. Out of his busy schedule and numerous travels, the WWE clown makes out time to hang out with his daughters, James’ father is proud of him and supports his wrestling career but his mother who cannot bear to watch a match is always filled with the fear that they are going to hurt her son.

Who Is The Wife Of James Ellsworth?

As for the relationship status of the Jobber man cum WWE former wrestler, we gathered that James Ellsworth is currently in a relationship with Carmella, a female WWE star, who in her own words, has been trying to reform the audacious James into a captivating star. James, on his own part likes to accompany Carmella to her matches where he does his best to help her win by distracting her opponent, like in the first-ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, James aided Carmella in her victory by pushing her opponent Becky Lynch down from the ladder which made it possible for Carmella to grab the briefcase.

The veteran clown of the WWE has been known to form an alliance with Carmella in the past against other paired up opponents. James eventually got released from WWE after several failures but according to him, it was because he got too comfortable. It is worthy of note that Carmella was the first person who called him after his release from the WWE, according to James, she stayed on the phone for a long time consoling him on his loss like the sweet person he knows her to be, but he said he was going to be fine as sometimes life can be harsh on us when we least expected it.

He mentioned some time ago that he has never been married in his entire life which will naturally make one to wonder how he came to have two daughters and the identity of their mother which seem to have eluded the press up till date. We live in hope that one day, this particular mystery will be cleared up and we will be able to settle the matter of the former WWE star’s relationship status.


What Is His Net Worth?

The former wrestler’s net worth has been pegged at $2.5 million by some sources that are not so reliable. According to the records, his current net worth has been accumulating even before
fame, from the time he was working as a jobber man who specialized in finding jobs for mentally and physically challenged individuals, working as a promoter for the Adrenaline Championship, wrestling is another source of income for the jobber man.

For the past six years, James Ellsworth has distributed more than 5,000 flyers and with a few hundred posters put up to promote wrestling matches. The last three years have been good for him because he has recorded major profit in his work as a promoter. He owes a major part of his net worth to his wrestling career in the WWE.

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