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An ex-wardrobe stylist with the National Football League Network, Jami Cantor has a lot of accusations against many of NFL retired executives, as well as players and they are mostly of sexual harassments. The lawsuit stipulated that she passed through all sorts of sexual harassments and abuse while employed as a staff of the network which created a very intimidating and hostile working environment for her.

She got employed at the network in 2006, working at the NFL studio located in Culver City. Part of Jami’s job involved building a closet of clothes which were worn by the network’s on-air talents for shows. However, she got fired after working for 10 years following accusations of stealing clothes. If you are looking for information or details of the lawsuit Jami filled against the NFL Network, then we have exactly what you need.

Jami Cantor – Biography

Her birth details have never been reported but she is an LA native who spent her growing up years in the West Lake Village. The mother of three accomplished her early education at White Oak Elementary School before proceeding to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising for her professional training. Jami was employed at galleries, malls, as well as interior design houses and homes before being hired as a wardrobe stylist by the NFL Network in 2006. She is the mother of 3 children Zack, Karli and Brandy.

Facts You Need To Know about Jami Cantor

Complaints at Work

Jami Cantor’s time at the NFL Network’s studio was marred by several harassment cases, some of which she complained to Mark Walton – the talent coordinator, who told her that the actions were “part of the job” and as a result of the way she looked.

According to reports, Jami also made some complaints about the poor working condition she experienced at the network. She was particular about the lack of compensation for the work she did and failure to reimburse her expenses. There are reports that instead of looking into her complaints, the NFL worsened the whole issue by cutting her hours and increasing her workload. Jami’s lawsuit initially was quite complicated but would become clearer as the case unfolds.

Accusations Against Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk

Reports from TMZ said that Marshall Faulk asked Jami personal information on her sex life. This included questions on her preferred sexual positions, her preferences on oral sex and if she dates black men. Faulk also reportedly grabbed both Jami’s buttocks and breasts and became more aggressive with time as stated in the lawsuit. He invited Jami to his hotel room, pulling out his genital while stroking it in her presence and asking her when she was going to get onto it while pointing at his sexual organ. Faulk also pinned her against the wall, making demands for oral sex while his pants were pulled down.

Jami Received Provocative Pictures

The three men, Ike Taylor, Heath Evans, and Eric Weinberger reportedly sent graphic photos to Jami. Taylor sent her videos where he was masturbating in the shower while Evans made harassing comments to her, comments like him needing to get inside Jami “deep and hard”, as well as the one that said that “she was making him feel so horny”. Both Evans and Taylor have been suspended by the NFL while Weinberger has also been suspended by his present media properties.

She Got Sex Toys from Warren Sapp

The lawsuit stipulated that Warren went into a restroom where he found Jami preparing clothes and urinated in her presence. Reports from TMZ said that Warren’s reply, when asked to leave by Jami, was “sorry mama, but your office shouldn’t be our sh*tter.” He also gifted her sex toys 3 Christmases in a row.

Graphic Texts from Donovan McNabb

Former professional football player Donovan reportedly sent Jami a message, asking her if “she was a squirter”. In his explicit text, the Philadelphia Eagles’ former quarterback also told her that she looked like the type of girl that squirted while getting f*cked


Jami Cantor Demands Damages from the NFL Network

She is currently seeking damages for being fired unjustly after she was accused of stealing clothes by the network. Her claims were that in addition to uncountable sexual harassments, she suffered a lot of discrimination in NFL because of her gender and age which created a very hostile working environment. Besides, the purchases she made for the network with her personal credit card was never reimbursed. Part of her accusation was that the NFL forced her to work off the clock without payment, meal or rest breaks. Her claim for damages also included her bosses’ failure to take her complaint seriously.

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