Is Laura Coates Married, Who Is Her Husband – Dale Gordon?

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A career in broadcasting means that you have a platform to air your thoughts to a large audience, especially when you work for a broadcasting corporation like CNN which is one of the most popular new stations in the world. Laura Coates works with the network as a legal analyst, this has afforded her the opportunity to address a large, global audience mostly in terms of her views on legalization and the activities of the United States government. She does not only work in the capacity of a broadcaster but has a thriving legal career as well. Keep reading to learn more about this woman who has made a name for herself in the media and the legal sphere.

Life History and Rise to Fame

On the 11th of July in a town called St. Paul, located in the state of Minnesota, Laura Coates was born. While most of her childhood was spent in Minnesota, not a lot is known about it or her family. Even, the exact year she was born is also a mystery. It is however known that her first degree was gotten from the public policy school, Woodrow Wilson located in the Ivy League college, Princeton, and that it was in Public and International Affairs. The next educational qualification she bagged is the Juris Doctor degree from the University of Minnesota.

Right after she graduated from Minnesota, her career as a lawyer kicked off with her working in the capacity of a prosecutor. Her time doing that job was spent as a trial attorney in the Department of Justice within the Civil Rights Division; she held this job when George Bush and Barack Obama were presidents of the United States.

Coates has also worked with the U.S Attorney for the state of Washington in the position of an assistant. While performing this job, she worked on a number of cases that received popularity for their notoriety.

Laura Coates became much better at her job, thanks to the experience she gained from her time working in the Department of Justice as an assistant to the state’s attorney. As a result of this, she started to write papers and conducted research that was published in prominent newspapers like The Washington Post and the Boston Herald. In 2016, she published her debut book – You have the Right: A Constitutional Guide to Policing the Police.

The political atmosphere, the fast descent in the police’s popularity, and a rise in interest in legal issues in the period made the book a bestseller. She eventually left her job as a prosecutor and began her own private practice as a lawyer of intellectual property, a job she still does. In the same year that her book got published, this well-known civil rights activist and supporter of the rights of women was employed by the news network, CNN to be one of their legal analysts. Since she started working in broadcasting, Laura Coates has attained greater popularity and even has her own talk show on radio.


Is Laura Coates Married, Who Is Her Husband – Dale Gordon?

Despite her huge media presence, Laura Coates has successfully kept her private life away from the eyes of the public. Almost nothing is known about her family just as the date of her marriage has remained a secret. It is however known to the general public that she is married, with a lot of people speculating that she is the wife of Dale Gordon, the former footballer who played for over six teams in his career that lasted over ten years.

Neither Gordon nor Coates have squashed this rumour. In 2018, March to be precise, her two children – a boy and a girl were featured on her talk show, The Laura Coates Show. Yeah, she had them talk on the show, a segment which fans seemed to enjoy. Laura later shared a picture of their time at the studio on Instagram. The picture depicted the man she is married to but with his back to the camera.

The names and date of birth of her children are also not available to the public. She lives in Washington with her mysterious husband and lovely children.

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