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Jan Smithers is a delectable television personality and actress. The sultry actress grew up being a very shy person and a lover of art. She started getting recognized as a teenager after she got featured on the Newsweek magazine cover in the year 1966, seated on a motorbike. The essence of using Smithers on the cover of the magazine was to investigate the significance of politics and pop culture to teenagers. Some years after, she clinched her foremost on-screen role in Love Story.

Bio, Age

Jan Smithers was born on July 3, 1949, in North Hollywood, California, United States of America. She schooled at William Howard Taft Charter High School and further went to the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, California.


When she was in high school, she once went to the beach with a young chap who requested they both go for surfing. While she was sitting on the beach watching the youngster surf, she was approached by two lanky men, asking her if she would like to partake in their article and she said yes. They approached her because they needed a girl from California, this was only the beginning of more to come.

Professional Career

In 1974, Jan Smithers featured in where the Lillies Bloom and When the North Wind Blows. Four year later, she got a role that eventually defined her career. She started playing the role of Bailey Quarters on WKRP In Cincinnati alongside Gordon Jump, Loni Anderson, Gary Sandy, and Richard Sanders. At the end of the program, She featured on Finder of Lost Loves, Mike Hammer, The Fall Guy, Legmen, The Love Boat, Cover Up, and Murder.

As a writer, Jan Smithers wrote Hotel and Comedy Factory. One of her biggest acting recognition came in 1987 for Mr Nice Guy. Despite her stardom, she made it possible to stay away from the spotlight. People get amazed whenever she tells them she is an actress. This is because she is a super private person.

Family, Husband, Children

Smithers and her sisters were raised in a middle-class home by their parents. Her father was a legal practitioner, while her mother was a home keeper. At the Age of 21, her eldest sibling lost her life in a car mishap.

In 1971, Jan Smithers got married to Kipp Whitman. The marriage only lasted for about a year. She met Whitman on the set of Hotel. Smithers also tied the nuptial knot with actor James Brolin in the year 1986, they both had a daughter by the name Molly before they divorced. The reason the duo divorced was because they never had time for each other; they wandered and travelled a lot for work purposes.

When Smithers discovered she was pregnant, she decided to take six months off before she returned back to work. She is very passionate about her acting profession but when she gave birth to Molly, Smithers knew Molly was all she needed. Her daughter really brought a change into her life. She had been waiting to be a mother for a long time and she finally achieved it with Molly.

Jan Smithers Accident

While Jan Smithers was a student of Taft High school, she got involved in an accident. She swerved her car in order to avert smashing another driver and ran into a telephone pole. She has a scar on her chin as result of that accident.

Height and Weight

Jan Smithers is 5 ft 7 inches and the adorable actress weighs 55kg.

Net Worth, Philanthropy

Smithers net worth is estimated to be around $6 million dollars. She once embarked on a journey with a group of charitable people to India. She was amazed at the rate of poverty she noticed in India. Smithers felt concerned for the people she met in India.


For the very first time, it dawned on her that she could bring positive change to the lives of the people. After her trip to India, she dedicated herself to the country for the next sixteen years in order to assist the people who were wallowing in penury. She felt fulfilled, having touched the lives of the people there as a result of her magnanimity. This is because she believes that helping the less privilege can help to heal the world.

Facts About Smithers

  • Her featuring on the cover of Newsweek on March 21, 1966, helped to propel her into her modelling and acting profession.
  • In the year 2001, she appeared on Entertainment Tonight where she dismissed rumours going around that James Brolin left her for Barbara Streisand.

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