Jeananne Goossen – Bio, Movies, TV Shows and Family Life of The Canadian Actress

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Jeananne Goossen is an actress who has become famous in both Canada where she was raised and in the United States as well as in other parts of the world with her appearance in the AMC series, Walking Dead and The Night Shift among many other productions.

Although she did not set out to become an actress until much later, she has turned to be a very good one who only over a decade later, has appeared in over 30 TV shows and films.

Jeananne Goossen Biography

January 3, 1985, was the day Jeananne Goossen was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was also there that she was brought up, mostly in Kensington Market. Since she was little, Jeananne Goossen who holds both the US and Canadian citizenship learned French and Japanese language as she spent some time in the Asian country.

While she was attending McGill University, she was invited to play basketball and volleyball. For an actress who is as good as Goossen, it is not acting that she studied but rather, she studied biochemistry when she attended the McGill University in Montreal. Her first intention was to become a gynecologist but when she was through with her studies, she realized that she may as well find more fulfillment as an actress and so she decided to drop her certificate and pursue a career in that regards.

That said, she still went to the famous York University where she ran a short program to improve herself in her chosen career. One will not find it surprising that she decides on becoming an actress because since she was a child, she had loved playing the guitar and singing.

Movies and TV Shows

As regards her movies and TV shows, Jeananne Goossen has made a name for herself as a TV actress than films. She has appeared in less than 10 films and more than 20 TV shows. Her first acting job was in 2007 when she was given the role of Nula in the Canadian comedy film Breakfast with Scot.

Her next three film appearances were in short films. The first was 138 Arlington in which she portrayed Anne Hale and Glitch, portraying Tamara both in 2009. In 2010, she appeared in the third, Daylight Savings in which she portrayed Angel.

In 2011, Jeananne Goossen played Agent Wong in Unlucky, then Sonia in The Vow in 2012, and then in 2014, she was Luna in This Last Lonely Place. In the same year, she appeared in the David Hewlett written and directed science fiction horror film, Debug. In the film, she was offered the major role of a programmer named Kaida. In 2018, she was in yet another short film, Hyperlight in which she played the role of Emiliana Newton.

She made her TV debut the same year that she made her film debut, in 2006, when she appeared in the Canadian drama TV series, 11 Cameras in which she was given the recurring role of Serenity. She continued getting roles for TV but the most popular include Falcon Beach (2007) in which she played Courtney True, Wild Roses (2009) as Ricky, and the TV film, The Dealership (2009).

She was also in other shows such as Alcatraz (2012) as Nikki, The NBC medical drama series The Night Shift (2014 to 2015) in which she got the main role in its first two seasons as Dr. Krista Bell-Hart, and Criminal Minds (2017) as Fiona Duncan.

With a career that is rather successful thus far, she was nominated for the Gemini Awards in 2007 for her role in Falcon Beach (2006) for Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series.


Family Life of The Canadian Actress

Jeananne Goossen was born to Tam Goossen and Ted Goossen. While her mother, Tam is originally from Hong Kong, her father is an American from Manhattan, New York.

Her mother immigrated into Canada from her home country and settled in Toronto where apart from being an activist, she also got elected in the municipality as an official in education. On the other hand, her father who is famous for being a fiction translator for Japanese novels is a professor of Japanese literature and film.

In 2018, her father was honored by Japanese Emperor Akihito with the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette, for all his contributions to the Japanese culture.

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