Jenna Jameson’s Relationship With Lior Bitton: Are They Married or Engaged?

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From an early age, Jenna Jameson had to struggle between showing her talents and navigating the treacherous waters of her childhood. Born on April 9, 1974, as Jenna Marie Massoli, the Las Vegas native had a rough time almost from the start of her life.

She lost her mother Judith to skin cancer before she was two years old and had to move into a trailer with her father, Lawrence, and her brother, Tony, due to financial difficulties caused by her mother’s hefty medical bills.

Essentially being forced to fend for herself from an early age, Jenna Jameson experienced a series of sexual assaults which spiraled into heavy drug addiction. She eventually left her budding career as a ballerina and moved in with her then boyfriend. She was just 16 at the time.

Jameson has since dug herself out of the mire of her childhood and built a reputation and an empire as a porn actress and entrepreneur in the adult entertainment industry. Going by the Irish whiskey-inspired moniker, Jameson has appeared in a plethora of porn titles and a slew of awards from the adult entertainment community since 1993. She called time on her adult entertainment career in 2008 but has remained active as a mainstream actress with showings in projects like Family Guy (2001) and Zombie Strippers (2008).

Jenna Jameson’s Relationship With Lior Bitton

Throughout this time, Jenna has found time for love and romance on a few occasions and with some prominent names too. Most recently, since 2015, she has been dating Lior Bitton.

Jenna Jameson’s love story with Lior Bitton began like ages ago. However, there is more to their relationship than meets the eye.

Between the two love birds, Jenna seems to be getting more of the popular attention. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Jenna was a former pornstar who was so famous that she is hailed as the Most Famous Adult Entertainer in the World and the Queen of Porn.
  • Lior keeps a very low profile, especially because of his past criminal activity. He was involved in a messy insurance fraud that saw him being arrested and charged. In 2010, he collected $99,000 in insurance claims for a robbery on one of his couriers, where he claimed to have lost 20 diamonds. He was caught attempting to sell one of the diamonds in his homeland, Israel.

Despite the popularity gap, the duo has been seen to be quite fond and supportive of each other.

Are They Married or Engaged?

In June 2015, Jenna and Lior got engaged. However, the relationship has remained at that level for all these years. With Jenna’s history of broken relationships and even divorce, the engagement might go on for a long time. She has even had bisexual relationships during her days as a porn star.

This is not the first time Jenna Jameson has been engaged. She has been engaged and married to Brad Armstrong, a porn star. The marriage lasted for only 10 weeks before they got separated. With evidence of Jenna having a sexual affair with Jorge Araya Montoya surfacing, Brad filed for an official divorce.

Soon after her engagement to Bitton, Jameson switched religions. She decided to join Lior in Judaism, further proving how much she was ready to sacrifice for their love.

Jenna had been a Christian all her life, having been born into a Catholic family. She acknowledged the fact that she had come a long way in Christianity and that the switch was timely for her. She envisaged the opportunity to be able to teach her kids to believe and have the strength of faith through Judaism.

Before being engaged with Lior, Jenna was a drug and alcohol addict. She was notorious for abusing alcohol and prescription pills. Although she didn’t talk about it much, she decided to give herself a chance at redemption with sobriety. She started the process in September 2015, three months after her engagement with Lior.

In December 2015, Lior publicly showed his support for Jenna as she took her sobriety into the third month. He expressed how proud he was that Jenna could take such a brave and bold step. In September 2018, she took to Instagram to celebrate three years of staying sober, without abusing alcohol or drugs.

In one of her erstwhile relationships, Jenna Jameson had twin boys for Tito Ortiz, a mixed martial artist, and retired UFC champion. After they broke up, the aftermath was messy and out of hand. One of the outcomes of the breakup was that Ortiz filed for full custody of the twin boys, and it was granted. As a result, Jenna was denied any right to see her twin boys. The ruling was hinged on the fact that Jenna abandoned the kids for two weeks when she went for a party in Las Vegas. Ortiz later said in an interview that Jenna would have to pass some tests to be able to see her sons.


In an Instagram post on the 12th of May, 2016, Lior condemned the fact that Jenna was kept away from her kids at all cost. He voiced his displeasure at the measures taken by Ortiz to keep Jesse and Journey (the twin boys) away from their mother – denying them access to the internet and social media and keeping them away from kids who have such access. He went on to ask Ortiz to forgive and forget, so Jenna would be allowed to see her sons.

In April 2017, Jenna Jameson gave birth to a daughter fathered by Lior. The name of their daughter is Batel. Jenna explained how it took her almost 12 hours to push the baby out. The couple and their beautiful daughter live together as a family, though they are not yet married.

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