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Jenna Johnson is an American ballroom dancer who has made a name for herself especially after she appeared as a contestant on the American televised dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance, which airs on Fox in the United States. Jenna is especially talented when it comes to all things dance, this is probably owing to the fact that she started dancing as far back as when she was just 3 years old.

Other than the stint on So You Think You Can Dance which made her quite popular, she is a professional dancer in the troupe Dancing with the Stars. Jenna took professional classes in ballroom, ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop to better hone her skills on the floor and her efforts certainly paid off since the result of her training is quite obvious.


Jenna Johnson Bio

Jenna Johnson was born on 12th of April, 1994 in Provo, Utah, to parents Curt Johnson and Tamara Jean. This is also where she grew up with her family of five siblings. She attended Timpview High School and graduated in 2012.

At such a young age, Jenna is at the top of her game and is doing all she can to keep it going. As a dancer, Jenna has proved that it requires a lot more than just wearing your dance shoes and moving to the beat. To keep herself in shape, she has a workout routine which she follows and adheres to, to keep her flexible and ensure her skills doesn’t get rusty.

To Further prove that she takes her routine really serious, Jenna has given a clue to the five (5) things she does to keep the shape. Her absolutely gorgeous abs is a sure proof of that. According to her, To keep in shape, Maintain your routine, Know your weaknesses, Compliment yourself, Be conscious of what you eat and Know and understand your body. Follow these 5 rules and your abs stand a chance of looking as amazing as Jenna’s.

She contested in the season 10 of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ after she auditioned in Memphis Tennessee and made it. Prior to that, 2 of her siblings had auditioned for the show and got cut out at Green Mile. At the show, she paired with Tucker Knox, a contemporary dancer. The pair put up quite a show and made it to top number 8.


As far as romantic relationships and Boyfriends go, Jenna has been having one hell of a ride. Her current boyfriend is Valentine Chmerkovskiy, a Ukrainian-American professional dancer. Val was born March 24, 1986, as Valentin Aleksandrovich “Val” Chmerkovskiy in Odessa. He has an older brother Maksim Chmerkovskiy who is also a professional dancer on Dancing With The Stars.

Val is best known for his appearances on the U.S. version of Dancing with the Stars, which he did win…Twice. He first appeared on the season 2 of the show in February of 2006 as a student to his older brother, then again in the season 4 where he participated in a dance-off against his brother. Val went on to appear in all other seasons from season 10 to 25 and came 1st twice for season 20 and 23.

Before he became serious with Jenna, Val had dated the famous Amber Rose for 5 months from 2016 to early 2017. His relationship with Jenna at the time was unsteady and had no real strings involved.


Jenna Johnson’s Relationship With Val Chmerkovskiy

The love vibes between Jenna and Val seem to be getting stronger as the days go by. The two first met on the show and started an on again off again affair which was really low key until the summer of 2017 when they finally came out and took the bold step of doing the ultimate PDA whenever they can and also professing their love to all who care to listen.

In August of 2017, People Magazine referred to Val as a man in love weeks after he took a trip to Europe with Jenna. Upon an interview, he admitted that he was in love. He then posted a photo of himself kissing Jenna’s head with a caption which read “But the real prize tho .❤️👑”

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