Jenna Ushkowitz – 5 Facts About The Actress, Is She Dating Anyone?

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The television show Glee (2009-2015) has received praise for its diversity and how inclusive it was of people from all classes and walks of life. Jenna Ushkowitz was one of the lead actresses on the show and she was constantly used as a point of reference for the experiences of an Asian living in America and a Goth teen. Glee is not the only body of work Jenna Ushkowitz has received popularity for, as she is also known for her excellent Broadway performances. To learn more about the award-winning Jenna Ushkowitz keep reading.

Jenna Ushkowitz’ Biography

Three months after Ushkowitz was born on the 28th of April in 1986, Brad and Jodi Ushkowitz adopted her and took her back to America with them from her birthplace of Seoul in South Korea. Her surname is the family name of Brad; he comes from a line of Russian Jewish ancestors. Jenna Ushkowitz’s upbringing was done in line with the Catholic faith, reinforced by her high school education in Holy Trinity Diocesan High School, where her theatrical skills were nurtured.

Ushkowitz’s high school had a thriving and rich theatre program which she joined; appearing in a number of theatre productions, some of which were The Baker’s Wife, The Laramie Project, Les Miserables and Into the Woods. In 2004 she got into Marymount Manhattan College, where she bagged a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts majoring in performance while minoring in musical theatre.

Her debut as a professional actress was in 2006, with her role in the Broadway musical called; Spring Awakening. She was on that play for four years until she joined the cast of the high school musical comedy; Glee. This was what introduced her to not just a wider national audience but brought her to the global stage as well.

Ryan Murphy who created the show, wanted the original cast to be made up of actors who had previously worked in the theater. As a result of this, no casting calls were sent out and no auditions were held. Murphy scouted theatres and on his search found Ushkowitz. Since then, she has had an interesting career full of stellar performances but her time on Glee stands out the most in her career as an actress.

Is She Dating Anyone?

Jenna Ushkowitz is known to have only been in relationships with two people. The first was with her Glee co-star, Kevin McHale. The two dated for the period of a year between 2009 and 2010. In 2010 she dated of Vampire Diaries, but their relationship ended in 2014. Since then, no news about Jenna’s love life has surfaced in the media.


5 Facts You Need To Know About Jenna Ushkowitz

1. She was a Child Actress

Jenna Ushkowitz even as a kid had always had the desire to get into acting. She had parts in some children movies, shows and commercials from the age of three before she became an A-list actress. Ushkowitz once had a part in an episode of Sesame Street, The King and I and at the age of 13, sang the national anthem of the United States before the commencement of a Knicks game.

2. She is a Supporter of Social Causes

Jenna Ushkowitz has lent her voice to a number of social causes especially the rights for same-sex marriage. She and co-star Kevin McHale were the celebrity faces for the NOH8 campaign. The beautiful lady also believes in the conservation of ocean and sea life and has hosted events to draw awareness to these causes.

3. She has a Strong Presence on Social Media

Jenna has over 700K followers on Instagram and Twitter. On these social media platforms. She constantly interacts with her fans while updating them on activities in her personal life.

4. She is a Documentary Producer

In 2015 while working with a childhood friend, Jenna Ushkowitz produced a documentary on the lives of a set of twins who had been separated at birth and were reunited in their adult lives. The documentary was a way for Ushkowitz to deal with the fact that she still has not met her birth parents, an event she is holding off till she feels emotionally ready to talk about.

5. She is a Scuba Instructor

As earlier mentioned, Ushkowitz is interested in the preservation of sea life, this can be the sole reason why she is good at Scuba diving, so good that she is a certified instructor.

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