Jenna Von Oy Age, Husband, Net Worth, Where Is She Now?

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Her name might suggest that she has a Dutch origin and to make that assumption would not be so far off the mark. Jenna Von Oy is, however, American. She has carved a nice little niche for herself in Hollywood which has been getting bigger as the years go by. The American actress who is quietly enjoying a piece of the American dream equally has some not so known interesting facts about her and we have them detailed below.

Jenna Von Oy – Bio

Encouraged by her parents, Jenna had an early exposure to the world of acting. She started acting as a child in regional stage productions and commercials. It was an early dive into the industry that started barely 10 years after she was born on May 2, 1977. Even though she was a child actress, her parents, Gloria and Frank von Öy still believed in the importance of formal education. They enrolled her at Newton High School.

While she was still in high school, Jenna made her television debut in an episode of ABC Weekend Special in 1986. Her satisfactory performances earned her further roles in Tales from the Darkside and Kate and Allie. She then starred in a short-lived series, Lenny which ran from 1990-1991.

The starlet nurtured her acting career while she attended High School so that when she eventually graduated, she did not attend college immediately. Instead, she starred on Blossom from 1990-1995, playing the role of Six Lemeure, a fast-talking character. After the completion of the show, Jennifer attended the University of Southern California, attending the University’s film school in order to bolster her acting skills.

Though she was attending college as a semi-famous personality, Jenna committed herself to the full college experience, participating in traditional college activities like joining a sorority. She was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta for her two-year stay in the university. Although she was supposed to attend college for four years, she dropped out after her second year to continue her career as an actress.

Jenna Von Oy returned to the front of the camera in 1996, in a television movie, She Cried No. Her second major role came in 1999 when she was cast as Stevie van Lowe in The Parkers, a well-received show that ran from 1999 to 2004. During the run of the show, Jenna lent her voice to the animated show, Pepper Ann, giving life to the character, Trinket St. Blaire.

Through the 90s to the early 2000s, Van Oy was an active and a well sought-after actress. Immediately after the end of The Parkers, she secured a role in the 2005 film, Marsha Potter Gets a Life. She also appeared in Cold Case and in Family Guy, episode ‘Perfect Castaway.’

Majority of Jenna’s onscreen appearances have been on television, one of the few feature films she’s appeared in is Born on the Fourth of July, starring alongside . She also starred in the animated movie, A Goofy Movie, providing the voice of Stacey. The budding actress later played Grace in a direct to DVD feature of Dr. Dolittle 3 that was released in 2006.

Outside of acting, she tried to launch a music career, specifically in the country music genre. She recorded a demo track and although she hasn’t found overwhelming success since she started the journey in 2000, she has persisted. She released her debut album titled Breathing Room in 2007.

So far in her career since going professional in 1986, Jenna has appeared in 28 television shows and featured in 3 feature films. Her work in the shows Blossom and Lenny earned her four nominations over the course of her career out of which she won two.

Net Worth

Jenna Von Oy has been enjoying her mild success from acting with her family. A flurry of television appearances through the 90s to the early 2000s helped her build a current net worth of $2 million.

Who Is her Husband?

It may have been a while since Jenny Von Oy graced the big screens as often as she used to do back in the 90s. Sources have it that she took a step back from acting and the spotlight in general and has been married to Brad Butcher, a computer data consultant. The duo got married in 2010 in Newtown, Connecticut.

Since their marriage, they have been happy together, raising their two daughters, Gray and Marlowe, who were born in 2012 and 2014, respectively.

Where is Jenna Von Oy Now?

As earlier mentioned, Jenna left Hollywood and retreated into the comfort of a simple life in Nashville in what was supposed to be a break but never ended. Since she moved away from the crazy world of Hollywood, she has released a couple of parenting books and is doing pretty well taking care of her family while trying her hands on a few other things.

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