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For being appealing and sexually alluring, it is common to come across several instances where Jennifer Connelly is listed as one of the sexiest or most desirable women on earth.

The attractions that have helped her transition from a child model to a superstar actress goes beyond her phenomenal acting talent to include features like her curvaceous, buxom structure; bright green eyes which complements her dark hair, the sprinkling freckle on her upper lip and her deep luscious voice.

Jennifer Connelly Bio – Age

You wouldn’t have to dig deep to find that this American actress was born as Jennifer Lynn Connelly on the 12th day of December 1970. Also, it is a common knowledge that her place of birth was at New York’s Catskill Mountains, that she was brought up in Brooklyn Heights but spent about four years of her early life in Woodstock.

It is said that Jennifer grew up knowing her parents as avid entrepreneurs. Her father Gerard, a Roman Catholic who is said to be of Irish and Norwegian descent made a living out of the business of manufacturing clothes. Her mum Ilene supported her dad, dealing in antiques. From what we learnt, Jennifer’s mother came from a Jewish family. Her roots were traced to Russia and Poland.

As the story goes, Connelly’s adventurous and impactful journey in the world of showbiz started when a family friend who was an advertising executive urged Gerard and Ilene to allow their daughter who was only 10 years old to take part in a modelling audition. They did and the rest as often said, is history. Jennifer started appearing on adverts in magazines and newspapers first, then on television and eventually became a child model. She nurtured herself in the industry and ultimately transitioned into the fine world-class actress she is today. If you check her records, you will find that her movie acting debut was in 1984 when she appeared as Deborah Gelly in Once Upon a Time in America.

Jennifer Connelly’s Husband

Jennifer Connelly has been wife to Paul Bettany, an English actor since 2003. We can tell that the Jennifer-Paul affair started when they met on the set of A Beautiful Mind. The feeling they had for each other was very unique, inspiring them to become life partners as soon as they could.

To make their union official, the two had a private family marriage ceremony in Scotland. That was on the first day of the year 2003. Several months later, on the 5th of August, they welcomed their first child, a son they named Stellan Bettany after the popular Swedish actor, Stellan Skarsgård. In 2011, 31st May, Jennifer and Paul had their second child. She was named Agnes Lark Bettany.

But before Paul, David Dugan, a photographer was the love of Jennifer’s life. They even went as far as having a son together. But for reasons best known to them, they decided to end the romance. Their son was named Kai Dugan; he was born in 1997. Before Dugan, Jennifer was in love with her The Rocketeer co-star, Billy Campbell. Their affairs lasted for half a decade.

Other Facts To Know About The Actress

Connelly has proven her worth in the movie industry. She would never make any list of mediocre actors as the prestigious awards and nominations she has thus far gathered for herself are testaments to her prowess in acting. Most prominent among her accolades is her 2002 winning of an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. It was her role as Alicia Nash in the 2001 biographical drama film – A Beautiful Mind – which was based on the life of a Nobel Laureate in Economics (John Forbes Nash) that earned her the eminent honour.

Portraying Alicia Nash, the wife of the Noble Laureate who abandoned her career goals to care for her husband and son both suffering schizophrenia also earned Jennifer other reputable awards and numerous nominations under the Best Supporting Actress Category. The awards she bagged for the role ranged from the Golden Globe to BAFTA and the American Film Institute Award; the Satellite, Online Film Critics Society, Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards and much more.

Owing to that, one can understand why A Beautiful Mind is widely celebrated as Jennifer Connelly’s most noteworthy work in acting. While it would be unwise for one to dispute this, it isn’t out of place to point out that Jennifer has portrayed other classic roles. For instance, playing Jenny Blake in 1991’s The Rocketeer, Marion Silver in Requiem for a Dream (2000), Kathy Nicolo and Betty Ross respectively in 2003’s House of Sand and Fog and Hulk are film works she would always be remembered for. The actress’ mark could also be found in television but they are not as pronounced as they are on the big screen.


Quick Facts About Jennifer

1. She Is an only child;

2. Fondly called Jenny C;

3. Jennifer is 7in taller than 5 feet;

4. Slightly older than her husband – Paul Bettany was born on 27 May 1971;

5. She is a polyglot, fluent in French, Italian and of course, English;

6. Jennifer enjoys outdoor physical activities and fancies drawing.

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