Little House On The Prairie Cast And Characters Who Made It Worthwhile

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Popular American television series Little House on the Prairie was definitely a fan favorite all through the period it aired on NBC and Hallmark channels. The show later became Little House: A New Beginning in its last season. The TV sitcom is known to have adapted its storyline from the book series by Laura Ingalls titled ‘Little House’ which was a best-seller at the time.

This show was also popular for starring a lot of Hollywood top acts from its inception, up until its termination in 1983. Notable among them include the likes of Michael Landon, , , and . Learn more about the members of the cast of this widely acclaimed television series, as well as the characters that made Little House on the Prairie worthwhile.

Little House On The Prairie Cast

The cast of Little House on the Prairie comprises of a lot of Hollywood actors and actresses. The major actors and actresses who got the prominent roles in the American television series include Michael Landon, Karen Grassie, Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson, twin sisters, Sidney and Lindsay Greenbush, Mattew Labyorteaux and Richard Bull, among others.

More so, in some of the episodes of Little House on the Prairie, we saw a lot of guest artists including the likes of , Anne Archer, Billy Barty, Ray Bolger, Christopher Bowman, Melora Hardin, Sheila Larken, Robert Loggia, Vera Miles and a host of other actors and actresses.

Notable Characters Who Made Little House on the Prairie Worthwhile

The American series which tells the story of a certain family who owns a farm somewhere around Walnut Grove in the U.S state of Minnesota has some particular characters that made watching the series worthwhile. We would briefly outline some of these characters that made Little House on the Prairie popular in its days.

1. Charles Ingalls

Charles Ingalls is largely referred to as the main character of the series. He is also known as Pa in both the book and television series. Pa happens to be the head of the Ingalls family, the father of Laura Ingalls Wilder, as well as the husband of Caroline Quiner Ingalls. This character was portrayed by both Michael Landon and Mattew Labyorteaux at different times during the course of airing Little House on the Prairie.

2. Caroline Quiner Ingalls

Notably recognized as the wife of Charles Ingalls and mother of all of his children including Laura Ingalls. Karen Grassie played this particular character and received some acclaim for it.

3. Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura is the character upon which Little House on the Prairie series was created. She is seemingly the narrator of the television show that focuses on her family and their settlement on a farm. Melissa Gilbert was responsible for playing this character.

4. Mary Ingalls Kendall

Mary is the first child born into the Ingalls family. This character was depicted by Melissa Sue Anderson. She is known to have gotten married to a blind teacher, Adam Kendall, whom she met at the school for the blind where she taught.

5. Carrie Ingalls

Carrie is one of the daughters born to Carolina and Charles Ingalls. She’s the direct younger sister of Laura Ingalls. Popular celebrity twins Sidney and Lindsay Greenbush portrayed the Carrie Ingalls character in Little House on the Prairie.

6. Nellie Oleson Dalton

This character portrayed by is a childhood friend of Laura Ingalls.

7. Isaiah Edwards

This character from Little House on the Prairie is among the characters from the book series that had no real-life resemblance to any known person related to the author. He’s a close acquaintance of the Ingalls family. Isaiah Edwards was portrayed by popular actor .

8. Rev. Robert Alden

The Rev. Robert Alden character is one of those who bear a very striking resemblance to a real-life person. The author of the book series, Laura Ingalls, described Rev. Alden as a minister in one of the congregations in Minnesota. He was portrayed by Dabbs Greer.

9. Almanzo Wilder

Almanzo Wilder is the husband of Laura Ingalls and father of her daughter. He was played by Dean Butler until Little House on the Prairie came to an end.

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