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Quick Facts

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Jeremy Dooley is a man of many hats, which he interestingly, dons perfectly. Besides being an acclaimed gamer, he is an actor, voice actor, show and podcast host, rapper, lyricist, author, Twitch streamer, Content creator and YouTube personality. He is best known for his work in Rooster Teeth where he co-hosts their gameplay division, Achievement Hunter. He also works alongside the lyricist team in Camp Camp, Rooster Teeth’s newest 2D animated show.

Jeremy Dooley Bio, Age

Jeremy was born in Burlington, Massachusetts where he did work at different jobs starting from his early teenage years. On the 4th day of June 1991 was when he was received to mother earth.

He attended his high school in his hometown of Burlington and studied Media Arts and Animation at New England Institute of Art. Some of the jobs he has done right from the age of 14 include Karate Instructor at Steven Nugent’s Karate Institute, Gymnastics Instructor for the Burlington Rec Center, Cashier at Brighams Ice Cream in the Burlington Mall, a stock worker at Pottery Barn in the Burlington Mall, Waiter at the On the Border in Woburn and in Macaroni Grill in Burlington Christian Party Rental in New Hampshire.

The last job he worked right before Achievement Hunter was as a Proofreader for a medical company near Boston.

Career at Rooster Tooth

You know it is said that diligence and hard work paves a way for one. Jeremy started out on a number of jobs and the last one he had was one he was only too happy to leave. While he worked for the medical company, he didn’t say a single word all day and just stared at a screen. Boring, right? However, in all those, he had his eyes set on where he would want to be and was only too glad to offer his best where he was.

He started making videos for Community Hunter (primarily Imaginary Achievements) which was where he gained prominence. He posted videos for the Rooster Teeth community on a YouTube channel named Achievements4Idiots ever before he was hired. Jeremy created the fan series Epic Rap Battles of Rooster Tooth which he uploads to the channel and starred on many occasion in the series created by Matt Briggs MegaCraft.

When the time came for recruitment at the Achievement Hunter in 2014 (the video gaming division of Rooster Teeth Productions), with a past record as a community hunter and content creator, Jeremy Dooley was hired. The perfect case of opportunity meeting preparedness. Thus, he officially became a member of Rooster Tooth on July 6, 2014, at RTX 2014.

At Achievement Hunter, Jeremy worked as an editor, content creator, and recurring host until October 16, 2015, when he was promoted to the main co-host by the founders, Geoff and Jack. He attained the position after he won the Minecraft Episode 177. He was revealed as the new 6th member of Achievement Hunter, replacing Ray Narvaez, Jr. who left on April 17, 2015, to focus on solo entertaining and Twitch TV live-streaming.

Besides Achievement Hunter, Jeremy serves as an occasional actor and content producer in Rooster Teeth Live action. He also lends his voice to characters in animated cartoons, such as Million Dollars, But… The Eleven Little Roosters, Twelve Little Roosters, and Camp Camp.

Jeremy runs his own YouTube channel, the Dooley Noted where he posts various kinds of gaming videos. The channel has earned over 50,000 subscribers. He has also authored a book titled Go Nitro: Rise of the Blades.

Jeremy Dooley Family, Dad

Jeremy Dooley was born to an Irish father from Cork, Ireland and a Syrian mother from Damascus. Consequently, he is 50% Irish and 50% Syrian. His folk’s names are, however, not available and it is not known if the gamer has any sibling.

His father, who he seems to share a very close bond with works for a company that manufactures things like missiles (surface to air missiles, homing missiles) and radar equipment for the US army. He has been with the company since 1976, 15 years before the birth of Jeremy. When Jeremy was a kid, he described his dad as a person who “builds bombs” as per his career.

Jeremy Dooley Wife, Girlfriend

Jeremy met his wife, Katherine “Kat” Teebagy while the two were still in high school. The duo became sweethearts and 10 years after, they exchanged their vows on June 4, 2016, on Jeremy’s 25th birthday.

Kat is a Salesforce administrator and she loves kittens, video games, and books.


Quick Facts

Jeremy’s wife is a cat lover and the duo has three cats named Scooter, Booker, and Zipper.

He has had different jobs in his life. They include Karate Instructor, Gymnastics Instructor, Cashier, a Stock worker, Waiter, and Proofreader for a medical company.

The most he has been without a job is 3 months.

He has a number of nicknames which include JDoolz, Jerem6401, Lil’ J, J.D., Mr. J, and
Rimmy Tim.

He is a fan of the WWE Superstar, led heavy metal band Fozzy.

Jeremy is said to be a look-alike of his fellow Rooster Teeth staff member .

He went from editing videos to being an on-screen personality at Achievement Hunter.

The first video he created was on May 15, 2009, while he was a senior in high school. He starred in the video titled Don’t Anger the Sheehan as a student running around the school from the principal for using a cell phone.

Upon joining Rooster Tooth (RT) in 2014, he joined Adam Kovic, , Lindsay Jones, and the rest of the RT extensive family.

Jeremy Dooley is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

As part of his upgrade to the main member, Jeremy changed his Xbox Live Gamertag from Jerem6401, which he described as not catching enough to JDoolz, following a suggestion to do so by Gavin Free.

His PlayStation Network ID is still his original Jerem6401 tag while his account is AH_Jeremy.

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