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Jessie Vard is an Irish glamour model who has become famous in Thailand for her very revealing pictures. She first gained fame for protesting an alleged injustice against her father who was duped out of his properties in Thailand. She would then become even more famous advertising for various products. Beyond her army of followers on social media, the model has also found herself in the mainstream media where her name has been mentioned more than a couple of times for one controversy or another.

Jessie Vard – Bio

Although it is in Thailand that she became famous, Jessie Vard was born in Co. Donegal, the Republic of Ireland on December 30, 1998. It was here that she spent a little of her childhood before moving with her family at a young age to Thailand.

Her father is a children’s book author and former businessman. After he moved to Thailand with his children, he started estate business but was later robbed of 7 properties he owned on the island of Phuket. Many years after, he is still fighting to have back the lands with the help of his children who have taken to social media in protest against what they term injustice and corruption in the country’s justice system. It was her #JusticeforJessie campaign to this effect that first brought her to public light.


Starting her career as a model in Thailand, Jessie Vard has built massive followership both online and offline that she has gained many of her fans supporting her father and calling for justice for him.

As regards her career, she has been involved in a good number of commercials and has built an Instagram account with close to a million followers, where she sometimes shares her sultry pictures.

In 2017, she called it quits after she was criticized for using sultry images to become famous. She was accused of taking her clothes off for money which left her heartbroken that she decided she was no more going to do modeling again.

After the incident, many of her fans came out supporting her, insisting that she continued doing what she was doing since everyone has a right to his or her body. Some of her fans even went as far as signing a petition on asking the model to continue sharing her images. Although she still continues sharing the images, it is very unlikely that it is the petition which only got 354 signatures that caused it.

In the build-up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the Model then 19, got arrested after she promoted gambling in a series of pictures that she shared. Jessie Vard was paid by someone she claimed she didn’t know to promote certain gambling sites, something that has been banned in Thailand.

As a result of that, she faced up to a year behind bars for the crime. However, she pleaded that she did not know gambling was a crime in the country, even going as far as advising others not to gamble. She was later handed down a suspended sentence and was fined. Jessie was made to pay 1,000 baht (£23; $30) even though it was suggested that girls could be paid as much as $11,500 (£8,800) for promoting such gambling platforms.


Jessie Vard is raised in a very small family that had only her father and her brother. According to a Facebook post she made on mothers day, she does not know her mother as she was abandoned by her when she was only a few days old. Before leaving Dublin, her father used to be a businessman and a writer who has published different books including Blood Beyond the Keyhole: A Thrilling Teenage Adventure (1994).

Her brother, Daire Vard is three years younger than her and he has also been involved in the campaign to help their father when he was having all his problems.


Facts About The Irish Glamour Model

  • In 2017, she was the cover girl for Maxim Thailand, for its January edition.
  • She speaks and writes in both English and Thai.
  • In 2019, she shared a video that showed her taking an injection to her jaw and chin. Following the image, there are speculations that she has had cosmetic surgery done.
  • It has been reported that she is in a relationship with her girlfriend and partner, Nutchanut Udom.
  • She has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and a body weight between 48 to 50 kg.

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