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Jillian Spaeder is a popular Nickelodeon actress who is fast rising as a Hollywood star. She is best known for her role as Bailey in the television series, Walk the Prank. The series features a bunch of kids trying to prank random people. She has also had other acting credits in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, OMG, among others. She had her debut acting role while she was in elementary school and since then, has remained in the movie industry.

The young actress is a bundle of talent. Asides being a budding actress, she is also a musician, just like her parents. They own a cover band called Crow’s Feet, based in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, where they often perform.

Jillian is a bold young lady who has been carving a name for herself in the big leagues since she was tender. Although the last child of the Spaeders, she never let her age deter her from following her dreams and passion. Her family has also contributed immensely to her present success as they have always assisted her in whatever way they could.

Jillian Spaeder’s Bio (Age)

The actress was born Jullian Shea Spaeder on the 22nd of September 2002, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she is being raised. By birth, she is of American nationality. She attended the Sugartown Elementary School but other details about her education are not known. Her parents are Bill and Sharon Spaeder and she is also a sister to Emma and Evans.

Her career in acting, which she is most known for, began in elementary school. She took her debut acting role in a stage play titled Cinderella: A Musical Panto. It was performed at People’s Light & Theatre Company and she was featured as Flea. In 2015, she took another acting role in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. Jillian attended workshops at John D’Aquino’s Young Actors Studio and also received private training by acting coaches and experts. The Actor’s Comedy Studio and Gray Studios were one of the institutions Jillian attended. She is best known for her role in Walk the Prank, which she still features on. The show is produced by Nickelodeon; its first episode premiered on April 1st, 2016.

Who Is Jillian Spaeder’s Boyfriend?

Most celebrities are caught up in publicised relationships with a few exceptions. Jillian is one of those exceptions. It could be because of her age, but the actress has no record of romantic relationships. She has not been seen with any male figure other than Luke Mullen. She has also not disclosed anything about her relationship status that would suggest she is in a relationship.

Height and Other Facts About the Nickelodeon Actress


Jillian Spaeder was born into the family of Bill and Sharon Spaeder. Bill currently works professionally as a software engineer and Sharon is a freelance writer. Asides that, the couple founded a musical crew – Crow’s Feet. The band performs new and original covers for songs released by other artists.

The crew is made up of a few other band members which include Pat Doyle, Larry Clark, and Joe Ruggiero, not forgetting temporary members such as Jillian and her sister Emma. The band often performs at clubs and other venues in Philadelphia. There are no records that indicate when the crew was founded or if they have won an award locally or internationally.

Jillian’s family also has other members, Emma and Evans. Both siblings are older than Jillian. Nothing is known about her siblings other than the fact that they are related to her. Jillian is a very lucky child to have come from a loving and hugely supportive family. Her parents recognized her interests early and helped her harness it. Even when she had to move to Los Angeles to enhance her acting career, her parents moved the whole family to be with her.


Net Worth

So far, Jillian Spaeder has had an amazing career where most participants are paid well. However, while the earnings of some celebrities are public knowledge, that of others are not. Unfortunately, especially for her fans, Jillian Spaeder falls into the latter category. Despite this, social media influencers have estimated that she makes about $2,000 every time she posts on her Instagram page.

Height and Body Features

Jillian Spaeder is a young lady still in her teens. She doesn’t have a lofty height but seems to be on the average side – for a person her age. According to statistics, she is 5 feet 2 inches. She has a slim figure and a good physique for a young lady. She also has a beautiful face, covered by blonde hair and the warmest smile.

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