John Edward Thomas Moynahan – Bio, All About Bridget Moynahan’s Son

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Talk of complicated relationships and you will surely have that of the Hollywood actress and her former NFL beau who made headlines of many dailies when they welcomed their son John Edward Thomas Moynahan several months after they broke up. For reasons best known to the pair, they decided to make it known to the public and so far we see that they are working as a team to give John a proper upbringing.

It is also interesting to know that Tom had already started a serious relationship with the model Bundchen as at the time of the revelation. Let’s take you through the biography of the celebrity son of Bridget Moynahan.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan – Bio

On the 22nd of August 2007,  Bridget Moynahan became the proud mother of a bouncing baby boy whom she named John Edward Thomas Moynahan. Pertaining to the identity of his dad, John’s mum made it known when she was about 3 months pregnant that she was expecting a child for the NFL player .

From his birth details, we know that John Edward Thomas Moynahan is still in school although it has not been made privy to the public which school he is enrolled in. Moreso, we are yet to ascertain whether he has started pursuing any career but as at now, he enjoys being in the spotlight as his parents are prominent figures in the world.

All/Other Facts About Bridget Moynahan’s Son

1. John Edward Thomas Moynahan was Born After His Parents Separated

One could have thought that Tom Brady had completely severed all ties from his old flame Bidget Moynahan but to the amazement of all, the duo welcomed a baby after they had ended their 2-year long relationship. From what we gathered, what really transpired was that the NFL player and Bridget called off their relationship sometime in 2006 but a couple of months down the line, Bridget found out that she was carrying his child, the little John Thomas Edward Moynahan was later born in August 2007.

2. Baby John’s Mother is a High-profile Actress

It is no secret that baby John was born to a celebrity mother as Bridget Moynahan is definitely a name that rings a bell in Hollywood. The actress who made her film debut back in 1999 has been seen playing diverse roles since then and this has earned her international recognition. Some of her prominent works include roles in The Sum of All Fears, John Wick and The Journey Home to name a but a few.

Moreso, John’s mum is also popularly known for the 2006 sitcom Six Degrees as well as Blue Bloods in which she plays the main role of Erin Reagan. She even has a couple of movies that were released in 2019 which include John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum and Crown Vic

3. His Mum and Step Mum are Models

It is interesting to know that John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s mum Bridget, as well as his step mum Bundchen, are top models. Back in the 90s, we gathered that Briget who was aspiring to be a model actual carved a very promising career down that path as she landed jobs with big shots like Vogue and Elle as well as Glamour magazine where she made it to the cover pages of the magazines. Moreso, she even did some commercials for some brands before she switched into acting.

On the other hand, John’s stepmom is a well known Brazillian model who is making it big in the modeling industry as one of the supermodels and currently sits on a fat net worth that runs in millions of dollars.

4. John’s Dad is a Highly Skilled American Football Quarterback

Aside from having a mother whom he can not help but be proud of, the celebrity son of Bridget has a father who is considered as one of the best quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. ‘s longstanding career has also been made colorful with numerous awards and accomplishments which has earned him several titles in the NFL. Recently in January 2019, he was once again in the forefront as he led his team- the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl Championship! This definitely makes John Edward Thomas Moynahan one of the exceptional celebrity kids of all times that has two super talented parents.

5. He is Deeply Loved by His Step Mum

It is not easy to grow up with your parents living miles apart and to increase the tension they are now married to different persons. However, for John Edward, his case seems to be different as we gathered that he is blessed with the love of two mothers- his biological Briget and his step mum Bundchen. We even see him spending time with Bundchen and she shares cute pictures of his time with her on social media.

It has also been revealed that Bundchen loves John as if he was her own son and added to that, both his parents seem to be doing pretty well in co-parenting him.

6. John Thomas Edward Moynahan has Two Other siblings

The celebrity son of Briget also has a half-brother named Benjamin Rein who was born in 2009 and a sister called Vivian Lake who was born in 2012.

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