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One of the most common stories of modern day society is the rise of depressed, suicidal children with deep-rooted emotional struggles. Johnnie Guilbert is a perfect example that it is possible to struggle through dark times as a child and still make a success out of your life. At a very tender age, lost in a solitary world of peer rejection, he figured out a way to find respite online.

The emergence of social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube has thrown up a new set of millionaires who have built business models around the influence of these channels. It has been a journey to fusing music and storytelling into social media in such a clever way that you are conveniently seen as more than a musician.

Johnnie Guilbert’s Bio

Johnnie Guilbert is a Vlogger, YouTube content creator, Singer, Songwriter and actor. Johnnie suffered from acute dyslexia, a learning disability in children which culminates in trouble with reading inspite of normal intelligence. The challenges of dyslexia include difficulties in spelling words, reading quickly, writing words, pronouncing words and understanding what is being read.

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This medical condition drove Johnnie into depression and suicidal tendencies at the age of 9, he took to Youtube as an escape from the realities of his childhood. He often narrates how he also used to get bullied for dressing differently from other kids. He would wear hats and skinny jeans to school, looking different from everyone in his peer group.

Growing up, Bryan Odell, a.k.a. BryanStars inspired Johnnie Guilbert to join YouTube. Johnnie initially was interested in alternative music, but Bryan was more interested in hosting interviews with popular artists in the alternative scene.

They teamed up as part of a group that started the YouTube channel “My Digital Escape,” along with other YouTubers, Kyle David Hall, Jordan Sweeto, Shannon Taylor, Jeydon Wale. He uploaded his first video “ATTACKED BY ZOMBIES!!! Johnnie Guilbert VLOG #1” on November 16, 2013. He collaborated with BryanStars on a number of videos and started to post on his YouTube channel regularly.

Controversy with Bryan 

Controversy soon ensued among the team when Bryan started to take over the channel as the general manager. This didn’t go down well with other channel contributors including Johnnie himself.

The episode led to the group officially spliting In May 2016. A few months later, in September 2016, Bryan posted a teaser on “My Digital Escape” channel, indicating MDE 2.0 will be launching soon. This caused a stir and the former group members, as well as other famous personalities who knew the original team started to criticize Bryan’s efforts.

Knowing that Johnnie was the closest to Bryan, fans were curious to know his stand on Bryan’s indiscretions. Finally, in a video on his channel, Johnnie explained to his fans how Bryan caused the break up in the first place, without taking out his name. He also criticized his former friend and roommate for using others to earn money. Bryan eventually issued an apology to fans on his role in the break-up and also apologized to his former colleagues.

Johnnie released his first EP Not So Perfect on Nov 27, 2015 and it contained five songs. On Nov 18, 2016, he released his second EP Lost with six tracks. Johnnie Guilbert has 880k subscribers on YouTube and over a million followers on Instagram.

Johnnie Guilbert  Age, Height, Family

Johnie He was born August 28, 1997 in San Jose California. He has a brother Josh Guilbert and a sister Margaret Guilbert. He had a tough childhood, a period of his life when he even became suicidal and thought about killing himself more than once.

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As his social media following grew exponentially, he began to share stories of his dark times in his videos. He uses his platform to encourage his fans that no matter how difficult life may seem, it is still possible to rise above the struggles of life to a place of productivity. He stands at 1.7 m.

Is Johnnie Guilbert Dating? Girlfriend

As is normal with celebrities, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding who Johnnie is in a relationship with. He is presently dating fellow Youtube personality Alex Dorame.

Dorame made a name for herself online by publishing videos to her self-titled channel in August of 2014. She accumulated more than 25,000 subscribers in just 3 months, and presently has more than half a million subscribers. She was also a part of Johnnie’s digital channel My Digital Escape.

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