Johnny Stevens (Highly Suspect) Bio: 5 Things You Need To Know About Him

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If you are a lover of rock music, you should be conversant with the rock band “Highly Suspect” which is rising in fame and getting popular in the music industry. They have been getting nominations for the annual Grammy awards for their music which is solely inspired by their life experiences. The lead vocalist of the band, Johnny Stevens who is young, handsome and talented has captured the hearts of many music lovers and fans because of the passion and emotion he puts into the music.

Johnny Stevens Bio

Johnny Stevens was born on April 10, 1986. There is no information on his mother’s name or father’s name and also no information on the name of his brother or if there are other siblings. Johnny did not really have a wonderful childhood experience as he was abandoned by his mother at a tender age. He and his brother were raised by their father. Johnny is the lead vocalist and guitarist for Highly Suspect, an American rock trio. He is from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and is also a co-founder of the Highly Suspect band.

His songs are mainly about true life experiences especially his experiences in life, like the song “Mister Asylum”. Johnny in an interview talked about his life experience that he put into the song. He said there were moments in his life when his anxiety was just too much and off the charts and that he had a panic attack for the first time at age 25. Mister Asylum was just explaining how he felt in those moments when he thought the world was closing on him.

Another song titled “Vanity” according to Johnny was about his friendship with Rich and how he (Johnny) lost patience with his friend without trying to understand that his friend was going through a lot and that when he realized himself and the mistake he has made, he had almost lost his friendship with Rich.

About The Band – Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect is an American Rock trio from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The band is made up of twin brothers Rich and Ryan Meyers with their close friend, Johnny Stevens. They each have different roles they play in the band. Rich does the backup in vocals and plays the bass guitar, Ryan does the same backup in vocals and plays the drum while Johnny is the lead vocalist and plays the guitar. Their music is inspired by real-life experiences and they always put their emotions and passion into their songs. When you listen to them, you could fall in love with rock music and also get to feel different emotions like love, depression, drug abuse and desperation depending on what the song is all about.


Highly Suspect did not just rise up to fame from nowhere, they started small by playing in the basement and then they later got to play in local bars in the Cape Cod area as a cover band before they relocated to Brooklyn, New York where they recorded “The Worst Humans” with Joel Hamilton as their producer. The band had toured the United States in 2015. They are the first rock band to join the 300 Entertainment roasters.

“Mister Asylum” was the band’s first solo debut album which was released on July 17, 2015, and this album got them a nomination for Best Rock Album at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. Another song titled “Lydia” was also nominated for Best Rock song and “My Name is Human” got them a nomination at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards which took place on February 12, 2017.

On November 18, 2016, their second studio album titled The Boy Who Died was released. It was recorded in Bogota, Columbia and two singles from the album made them top the Billboard US Mainstream Rock songs charts.

5 Things You Need to Know About Johnny Stevens

Johnny Stevens is a very private person and despite the fact that he has a lot of followers on Instagram and shares his photos, he loves to keep his private life away from the media.

He has tattoos on his body.

Johnny Stevens’ music is mainly inspired by his life experiences.

He is in a relationship and the name of his girlfriend is Kydids although he has not officially announced their relationship.

He is the lead vocalist of the rock band, Highly Suspect.

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