Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal: How It All Went Down

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Finally, Jordyn Woods has shed more light on what transpired between her and ’s ex-boyfriend and baby papa Tristan Thompson at the after party which was held at the NBA star’s house. The model apologized publicly to Khloe on ’s Red Table Talk for her purported involvement with Tristan and went ahead to shut down rumors that she was making out with Khloe’s ex.

Both fans and the general public have waited with bated breath to hear Jordyn’s own account of the sordid tale which broke on the 19th of February 2019. According to the initial report, Jordyn Woods who is also the best friend of got intimate with Tristan on the 17th of February 2019 at a house bash in Los Angeles. On her own part, Khloe is yet to make a public statement on the situation but she feels hurt and betrayed by all that has transpired as is clearly seen from her cryptic posts on Instagram.

To further reflect her sentiments, Khloe has gone as far as liking some tweets that threw the dirt at the model and she took out Jordyn’s page from her Good American website and equally unfollowed her on Twitter.

Jordyn Woods Alleged Intimacy With Tristan: Here Is How It All Went Down

According to the rumors, making the rounds, Jordyn Woods sat on Tristan’s laps and even dangled his crotch area but the famed model has come out to repudiate such talk, claiming it was all made up by people who are looking for a story. She explained that everybody at the party was just dancing and having loads of fun but there was nothing intimate.

Furthermore, said that she was at the party till 6 a.m in the morning when she was picked up by car but at the point of her departure, she was kissed by which she claimed to be just an ordinary mouth to mouth kiss without any tongue contact and there was no passion involved in the kiss.

The model also pointed out that the part about her giving the NBA star a lap dance was completely false and couldn’t understand why people thought of something of that nature. She admitted that there were a couple of chairs and a couch that was filled up with people including Tristan who occupied one of the chairs with an armrest. Jordyn said that she decided to occupy the armrest which was reasonably innocent in her opinion.

Apparently, they were all chilling and drinking but the model could see people pointing accusing fingers at them accusing them of getting cozy with each other. Jordyn Woods painted the picture of their position by saying that her arm was not even around Tristan but her legs lay right over his own. She explained that her butt was not even in contact with his laps but she later picked up her legs which were dangling and put them over onto the bottom of his legs.

Irrespective of all that transpired, Jordyn Woods still insist that she had no intimate dealings with Tristan Thompson. She also clarified that she attended the party after she left a club with her friends because they got a message that the after party will be at Tristan’s residence but she didn’t see anything wrong with it then, but she has since admitted to her mistake.

According to her submissions, she should have headed straight to her house after the bash and shouldn’t have gotten involved in the after party. She even put herself in Khloe’s shoe and admitted that she too would definitely not feel okay if a friend is seen making out with her ex or the father of her baby, however, for her case, that was not the fact as everything was a big misconception.

Current Ties With The Kardashians & Jenners

It would appear that no one seems to believe her because both the and Jenners have cut her off from their circle, even Khloe’s close friends have not hesitated in throwing the dirt at her. Added to that, Jordyn is also having a rough time and really feels terrible about the whole situation. The effect of the scandal has really rocked her world and she is just left alone to deal with it since nobody is offering her any support.

This is sadly one ill wind that is going to take a long while before it blows over because the model was like family to the Kardashians because of her friendship with . So one would be completely wrong to surmise that Jordyn Woods involvement with Tristan was a full-blown betrayal.

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