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Fame can be gotten in a number of ways but one of the easiest ways to become a name to reckon with in public circles is to be born into a famous family; this is the story of the life of the actress Sophia Rose Stallone. The source of her fame is none other than her legendary actor daddy, . Though her fame could be primarily linked to the fact that she has a superstar father, Rose has also put in hard work into becoming the woman that she is today. We discuss some key facts about her in the next paragraphs.

Sophia Rose Stallone Bio (Age)

On the 27th of August in Miami, Sylvester Stallone and his wife, Jessica Flavin welcomed to the world their daughter, Sophia Rose Stallone. As she grew older, it was discovered that she had a hole in the heart. This led to the conducting of an open heart surgery which was followed by a lifetime spent with extreme care, devoid of physical activity and full of healthy meals. At the age of sixteen, the starlet had to have another surgery but in the time since then, she has not had any more complications.

Sophia Rose’s high school is not known but it has come to the public’s knowledge that she has earned a degree in Communications from the University of Southern California while she minored in Entrepreneurship and Film.

Just like her mother who was a supermodel, Sophia Rose Stallone is more inclined to modeling and the business of beautification. As a result of her fragile health, she was kept away from the limelight for long and only had an appearance on TV much later in her life a talk show – Late Show with David Letterman.

After graduating from the university, this model immersed herself in the fashion industry and spent hours working with designers and photographers trying to learn the workings of the fashion industry. Her first big break in the world of modeling came in 2017 when she was featured on the cover page of the magazine Harper’s Bazaar. That was not the only big thing that happened that year as she was one of the judges on the modeling and fashion show Project Runway, the Client on the Go version.

In the same year, Sophia Rose Stallone, as well as her sister was made the ambassador of the Golden Globe Awards of that year. This model hopes to build an empire in the fashion industry and make a name for herself especially with the start of a cosmetic line and the sale of beauty products.

It is believed that Sophia Rose is currently in a relationship with a young man she met at her school, University of Southern California, a footballer named Connor Spears. Her Instagram feed that is viewed by her numerous followers whose numbers are above nine hundred thousand has pictures of her with him, with captions that suggest that the two are in a romantic relationship.

Grandparents, Parents, and Siblings

As previously stated, Sophia Rose is from a prominent family starting from her grandparents to her parents and then her siblings. She is the child of Sylvester Stallone, who has achieved fame for his iconic roles in action movies such as all installments of the fight film Rocky, Creed and the five productions of the action film Rambo.

Her mother is , who used to be a supermodel and is now an entrepreneur. Her parents’ marriage ended in 1994 after Stallone broke up with Flavin via FedEx, to be with another woman who said she had a child for him, but the breakup was temporary, as the couple got back together in 1995 and are still together till date.

Sophia Rose Stallone’s paternal grandfather owned a beauty salon while her paternal grandmother who is the niece of the actor and musician Frank Stallone was in the show business.


Sophia Rose is the first child of her parents’ union and has two younger sisters, who also have Rose in their name. She has an elder brother who is from her father’s first marriage.


Sophia Rose Stallone is a model and models are required to have a certain gait and height, which she does have – a generous 5 feet and 7 inches. Stallone’s hourglass body type fits into a US dress size 4.

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