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Josh Ovalle is one of Hollywood’s youngest film directors today, if not the youngest in that field, well that could leave a room for an argument for another day. The young filmmaker is still up and coming but has already become well known in the film industry since he released his first short film. He is known to have directed films such as Minimum Max, Two and a Quarter Minutes and Spendtime Palace: Sonora. Ovalle is certainly one for the future, the young starlet has continued to draw attention to himself ever since he directed his first film and the public have not ceased to commend his good works.

Josh Ovalle Biography, Age

Josh Ovalle is an American filmmaker and Internet celebrity. He was born in Seattle, Washington, on April 21, 1998. Josh grew up in Seattle with his parents and his two siblings. Like normal kids, he attended school but he began to do things that ordinary kids didn’t do, by making films at a very young age.

His career today seems to be shaping into Josh being a filmmaker but it was not his hobby as a kid. As a kid, he enjoyed spending time in the kitchen with his mother baking various food items. At a point, one would have thought he would consider or even end up choosing a career path in either being a baker or a chef, or even both. But today we can see that life had other plans for him. Be that as it may, we can not rule out the fact that Josh could one day own a restaurant or a bakery sometime in the future.

When he started making films, it surprised so many people around him and people were astonished how a teenage boy of about 13 years possessed such talents and how he could manage to use it at a very tender age. Josh made Minimum Max, his first film when he was only 13 years old. The film tells of a young boy who suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Many believed he made the film so he expresses himself as he suffers from ADHD. Since Josh Ovalle started making films, he has gradually begun to overcome the condition.

When Maximum Max was released, it went viral and it got over 500 thousand views on YouTube and other online media platforms. From that instance, people began to ask questions about the young director. He and Phil Venti co-produced the 4 minutes short drama film. It was rated 7.4/10 by IMDb. The short film was selected and shown in over half a century film festivals.

The attention he got from his first film made MTV notice him. Soon he began to promote shows and events for the pay-TV channel. When he was 15, he released his second short film titled Two and a Quarter Minutes. The film was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival as well as 56 other film festivals.

Family, Brother

The young and upcoming film director’s family consist of his parents and his two younger brothers. His mother is Rose Ovalle while his father his Wernher Ovalle. Both his parents are actors and they featured in his second short film Two and a Quarter Minutes. He also has a grandmother named Arcelia Kennedy.

Josh has two younger brothers named Lucas and Elijah Ovalle. Elijah is the youngest of the three brothers and he is also venturing into acting. He starred in Josh’s second film Two and a Quarter Minutes. Josh’s brother, Lucas is quite popular, he is a social media star as well as an actor. He first gained fame for sharing videos on Vine and he now shares video contents on YouTube and Instagram. Just like the rest of Josh’s family, Lucas also featured in Two and a Quarter Minutes. Lucas is two years younger than Josh, he was born on July 30, 2000.

Other Facts About The Film Director – Josh Ovalle

  1. He changed his last name from Ovalle to Kennedy and he is now mostly regarded as Josh Kennedy.
  2. He and YouTube star are close friends.
  3. Josh is a recipient of the prestigious Audience Award.
  4. He used to date Nikki Williams.
  5. Josh loves baking.
  6. He and from are quite close.

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