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Kanye Omari West, a highly successful but also controversial rapper who is well-known for his passion for fashion and style. This is usually evident in his day-to-day life including his outfits and haircut. But how does he do it and when did he develop his love for fashion? Well, the 38-year-old is usually outspoken and likes to talk a lot about this and many other things. Because of this, the celebrated rapper has come out to be one of the best male fashion designers in the United States and beyond.

If you are an ardent fan of rap music and love Mr. West then it is highly likely that you have seen one of his many outfits that depict his fashion and style. Since such celebrities are role models to many upcoming artistes, their style, outfits and even haircuts are usually emulated in everything these newbies do. In this post, we are going to inform you on Kanye West’s fashion, style, outfits and haircut. Feel free to steal the ones you like.

Evolution of Kanye West’s Unique Fashion and Style

Over the years, the rapper has been evolving fashion-wise from his humble beginnings to the epitome of his career.

During the times of Roc-A-Fella record, the outspoken musician was usually on casual wear with the common diamond sign. Most of the time he would be seen posing with sporty oversized outfit. Obviously the man had not really entered the celebrity limelight. His fashion improved a little bit when he released the video for ‘College Dropout’.

He was at one point spotted wearing Ralph Lauren Polo sweater from the Macy’s. Soon the rapper started showing love for detail and ornamentation. He started paying attention to accessories and more precise tailoring of his outfits.

The rapper’s fashion and style shot way up in 2006, at the Grammys, he was seen wearing much leather, gold as well as man-chest medallions. At the Brits Awards 2006 he was spotted in the midst of golden girls with a blue denim and a band jacket.

In 2007, he began to go extreme into his own fashion as was evident in his choice of blazers and high-top trainers. It is also this time that eye glasses became a consistent part to West’s wardrobe. In the 50th annual Grammy Awards, the rapper debuted iconic slatted glasses that he invented. The video of this went viral and the unique glasses could be found in almost every mall in the United States.

Thakoon presentation in the fall of 2008 Kanye wore this remarkable gray tweed suit with extraordinarily elegant tortoiseshell specifications.

West was branded the king of bling in 2010 when he wore a gold shirt a red Givenchy suit and an extra-ordinary gold chain. The rapper-cum-designer also loves to clad himself in dapper, customized tuxedo jacket as well as black leather pants.

West debuted his signature leather kilt that has become an epitome of his fashion design sometime in 2013.

When talking about Kanye West’s fashion, there really is no end to what he can do. His outfits are great and unique most of which are his very own ideas. He loves the bow-tie but can go either casual or formal without overdoing it or becoming irrelevant. At just 38 years old, the rapper still has a long way to go and it only time that will tell what he will come up with in the future. For now, it suffices to say that Kanye West is the living king of fashion. He was named by as the most stylish man for the year 2014 and 2015.

Kanye West’s Haircuts

Another thing Kanye West is famous for is his unique haircut. If you have been keen, you probably know that the rapper usually changes his haircuts at will. Rumors have it that the fashion designer actually spends over $500 every time he goes for a haircut. For many this may be ridiculous but the man has the money, why can’t he spend it? However, it is difficult to understand why something as simple as a haircut that takes a couple of minutes or maybe an hour would be so insanely expensive.

For me it comes as no surprise since the singer’s hair is usually neat and well-trimmed every time I get to see him. Simple mathematics would tell you that the barber who is responsible for grooming Kanye West and giving him fresh look always takes a whopping $15,000 monthly or $182, 500 yearly. How many professionals earn that amount of money? You can only guess but the fashion designer seemingly does not care about money as you and I do.

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