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Fans of the television show The Walking Dead are not strangers to the talent of Katelyn Nacon who plays the role of Enid. Nacon is not just a young actress but her career which only began in 2013 is also young. Despite this, she has been able to take on the task of playing a character that resonates with a lot of the fans who watch the show and has equally earned herself award nominations. Read on to learn facts about this incredibly talented burgeoning actress.

Katelyn Nacon’s Biography

Katelyn May Nacon was born on the 11th of June, 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia, to Mark and Natalie Nacon. She is the first child of her parents and has one younger sibling, a boy called Chris. Before she began her career in acting, Nacon attended Woodstock High School.

Katelyn Nacon’s first role in a movie was in the 2011 film, Loving Generously – a Christian film in five parts. By 2013, she had her next performance in front of the camera, after earning a role in another Christian production, Psychology of Secrets. She has since made other appearances and gained recognition for her efforts as well.

5 Quick Facts You Need To Know About Katelyn Nacon

1. The Internet Helped Her Career

Katelyn Nacon had mostly appeared in low budget Christian films when her career kicked off in 2013. The performances in these films were a great way for her to practice her acting and get better at the job. Her big break in film came with an appearance on an episode of Adult Swim where she did little acting, after her appearance on this episode, she started getting roles in television shows that targeted a large audience.

This episode is called Too Many Cooks and it was released on the 28th of October, 2014. The episode was a short that featured different opening sequences patterned after television shows of the 80s and 90s. It became a viral sensation on YouTube and in 2015 the news station, CNN made a version of the short that parodied the number of candidates running for the presidential election of 2016.

2. She is a Musician

Katelyn Nacon’s acting is just one part of her career; this young actress is also a musician. In May of 2015, she released her EP Love in May which is available on iTunes; the EP has a total of five songs, all of which were written by Nacon. Not only does she make music, but she is also a big fan of hip-hop and at the top of her list are the rappers J Cole and . In terms of music, another fact about Nacon is that she plays the ukulele; she learned to play this instrument as a kid and still plays it till date.

3. Acting Camp Experience

Katelyn Nacon has always wanted to become an actress and one of the first steps she took in achieving this goal was signing up for acting camp. She attended camps in Atlanta and was taking classes in Los Angeles. These activities helped to hone her skills and it was at the Atlanta Workshop Play camp that she signed up with an agency and met her first agent who in turn secured her first role in the movie, Loving Generously. Although she is doing the one thing she always wanted to do, Nacon has said that she does not care for fame and all she wants to do is act.

4. Long-term Goals

This actress has stated that in ten years, she hopes to still be acting and making music, as she cannot envision a life where she is not doing either of the two. For Nacon, acting takes center stage and this is why when her father told her about being cast on The Walking Dead she had cried for an hour from the joy of landing a role on a television show as big as the hit AMC series. When Katelyn Nacon got cast to play on the show, she was still in school and instead of quitting, she decided to juggle school and acting. Now, she has a high school diploma.

5. Social Media

Like any person within her age range, who has received as much fame and success as Nacon has, being on social media is not an anomaly. On Twitter, the actress has more than a hundred and sixty thousand followers while on Instagram, she has a million followers and counting. She is also active on Facebook, YouTube, and several other social media platforms.

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