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Regardless of the dysfunctional home Kenny Goss was raised in, he became very successful in life and excelled in his career efforts. He is an art dealer and businessman whose desire to succeed in life trumped the troubled childhood he passed through. He is equally known as the ex-partner of late singer George Michael but before he embraced his sexuality, Kenny Goss went through hard times for fear of being rejected.

Kenny Goss and had the makings of a happy couple but it wasn’t all that lovey-dovey for the two who later broke up in 2009. Detailed information about the love life of Kenny and George and the legal battle that followed after the singer’s death are available herein.

Kenny Goss Bio

The American businessman was born to alcoholic parents on 17 September 1958 in Bromwood, Texas, the USA. Due to his parents’ relationship with alcohol, Kenny didn’t get to enjoy his childhood like a normal kid. He, however, managed to scale through school and got up to college level which saw him attend the University of North Texas where he studied Education and Political Science.

He was a gymnast in college and also joined the cheerleading squad. This inspired his first job after graduation, working at Herkie Herkimer’s Cheerleader Supply Co. At this time, he got his first taste of success as a salesman, selling cheerleader supplies. Today, he is a renowned art dealer with millions of dollars piling up as his estimated net worth.

Net Worth

Kenny Goss sits on an estimated net worth of $10 million as of the time of updating this piece. His many years of hard work and business savviness played a major role in getting him to this level of success. He also joined others to lay claim on his late ex-partner’s £105 million fortune which he had left mainly for his sisters. Kenny’s reason for seeking a portion in the estate left behind by George Michael is the thirteen long years he spent by the late singer’s side through thick and thin.


He was born to Earl Goss and Ozzell Goss both of whom were unrepentant alcoholics. The unworthy parents raised him and his brother Tim in a dysfunctional environment. His poor relationship with his parents and the fact that he felt they wouldn’t understand made it hard to open up about his sexual orientation to them. In the bid to hide who he really is, Kenny Goss dated a Miss Texas at some point but that move apparently didn’t help.  He only confided in his brother about his homosexuality at the time.

Relationship with George Michael

Kenny Goss and met in 1996 at a time when there was an intense rejection of homosexuality in the world, including the United States. Their relationship went public after Michael was pushed out of the closet following an arrest for a questionable act he pulled off in a toilet in California.

It emerged in 2005 that Kenny and his then partner had plans to make their union a civil partnership but for some reason, the plan was postponed until in 2009 when they broke up. However, they only made their split public almost three years later. As revealed by George at the time, the two had been apart for almost three years without the public’s knowledge. In his statement, the singer said he loved Kenny very much and was sad it had to end. According to Kenny, George’s drug use issues caused a lot of problems between them but the singer also had something to say about Kenny’s drinking habits.

After going their separate ways, Kenny and George remained good friends as the former kept supporting the latter during his challenges. He would accompany the singer to court appearances during his legal issues in 2010. When George was hospitalized for pneumonia in 2011, Kenny was also by his side and their cordial relationship lingered until in December 2016 when George Michael passed on as a result of natural causes.

Sequel to his death, Kenny Goss filed a lawsuit to lay claim on a huge chunk of the late singer’s estate, the bulk of which he left to his sisters Yioda and Melanie. He has thirteen years of dedicated relationship to justify his claim but it’s not known if the matter has been settled.

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