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Kim Soo Hyun is a South Korean actor and model. He is popularly known for his role in the teen drama, Dream High. Despite coming from a very complicated family, he has been able to work his way to being a top actor in the Korean movie industry.

Since he made his big screen debut in 2007, he has been on a constant rise. As of date, Kim is the highest paid actor in South Korea. Below are other things you need to know about him.

Kim Soo Hyun Bio (Age)

He was born on the 16th of February 1998 in Seoul, South Korea. There is very little known about his early childhood as well as his educational background. However, he once revealed that as a child, he had a really shy demeanor and as a result of that, he kept to himself most times.

It’s however important to note that he had no interest whatsoever in acting, not until his mother suggested he take acting classes in high school as a means of getting over his introverted personality. shortly after he started taking acting classes, Soo Hyun became truly fascinated with acting and started nursing dreams of making a career out of it someday. His love for acting led him to attend the Chung-Ang University where he graduated with a degree in Theatre and film studies.

He made his acting debut in 2007 when he got cast to play the role of a Junior college swimmer in the South Korean sitcom, Kimchi Cheese Smile. In 2008, he scored a major role in the Peabody award-winning drama Jungle Fish, in which he played the character of Han Jae Ta.

His big break, however, came in 2011, when he got cast to play the role of a talented musical prospect born with an uncommon disease in the Teen musical drama, Dream High. The drama received massive recognition among audiences locally and internationally, going on to win several awards along the way. It was the start of new things to come in the life of Soo Hyun.

Ever since his big break, he has been involved in several huge projects such as: Embracing the Sun, The Producer, Real, and the highly acclaimed Korean version of Ocean Eleven – The Thieves, wherein he played the character of Zampano. He has won several awards such as The New Star award in 2010, Best New Actor in the 4th Korean drama award, as well as being decorated with the highest honor in Korean drama, the Daesang in 2011 and 2012.

His Net Worth

Over the years, Kim Soo Hyun has grown to become a huge force in the Korean movie industry. He has been able to show that he is much more than just a pretty face or an amazing actor, but also a rich businessman and philanthropist. He has a reputation for donating to several charity organizations. His largest donation, however, was in 2014 when he donated $200,000 to help the kids in China.

There is no information regarding his current net worth as at the date of this post. However, he earns as much as $83,900 per episode in a TV series, making him the highest paid Korean actor according to Forbes.

Is Kim Soo Hyun Dating, Who’s His Girlfriend?

Over the years, Kim Soo Hyun has built a reputation for being linked with pretty and high-class ladies. In 2012, he was in a romantic relationship with Korean pop sensation, Yoona. But the pair eventually broke up in 2013 with Yoona describing him as an attention seeker and a total psycho.

In 2014, he was rumored to be dating Nana, but they both denied it, tagging such claims as false. That same year, he was also rumored to be dating Suzy, his co-star in Dream High. However, Suzy came out to deny this, specifying that she loves Soo Hyun like a brother and nothing more. That being said, he is currently single and loving every bit of it.

His Sister and Family

Very little information is known about the family of Kim Soo Hyun. At a very tender age, his father Chung Hoon abandoned him and his mother. As a result of this, he was raised single-handedly by his mother. According to him, she is the reason he is what he is today. Soo Hyun isn’t shy about expressing his love for his mother as he constantly posts pictures of her, with the caption, “Oueen of my life” on his Instagram page. He also has a cousin in the movie business in the person of Lee Saa Rang.

In 2017, the internet was filled with news about Kim Soo Hyun having a younger sister. Several gossip blogs argued this claim but the truth remained unknown until Kim released an official statement on the 22nd of July 2017. Therein, he confirmed the claims, revealing the identity of his mystery stepsister (from his paternal side) to be SummerDream crooner, Kim Joo Na.


Height and Weight

It’s no news that Kim Soo Hyun is a very sexy looking man. Standing at a height of 5 feet 11 inches, with a weight of 65 kg, he can easily be mistaken for a runway model. His handsome face coupled with his black hair and eyes, makes him every director’s delight.

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