IT Chapter Two: 6 Facts About Evil Clown Pennywise’s Return Movie

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In recent times there hasn’t been any horror movie as popular as Andy Muschietti’s 2017
adaptation of Stephen King’s It. The movie went on to become the highest-grossing horror movie at the box office. Evil clown Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, returns to the big screen in the sequel, It: Chapter Two, on September 6, 2019, and as you may already know, it’s not here to make people laugh. What does this mean for the losers’ club? What does this mean for the people of Derry? Are the sewers ever going to be safe? Keep reading to find out interesting facts about It: Chapter Two.

Background Details 

The 2017 film, It, tells the story of a trans-dimensional supernatural creature, thousands of years old, simply called It who hibernates and wakes up every 27 years to feed on the fear it creates in the victims he kills and has a special preference for children. It has the ability to shapeshift into whatever form would serve his purpose of manipulation at any given time but its primary and most preferred form is as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. It would appear to children in the form of someone they trust or as their biggest fears.

The creature particularly tormented the lives of the seven kids who were members of the losers’ club at the time, the kids fought it with everything they had and thought they had finally ended its life at the end of the first film, but what they actually did was force it into early hibernation. In this second chapter, which is set twenty-seven years after the events of the first film, the evil clown, Pennywise, comes back to Derry, Maine, to exact its revenge on the members of the losers’ club who have now grown up and have since drifted apart from one another but somehow find themselves back where they began.

IT Chapter Two: 6 Facts About Evil Clown Pennywise’s Return Movie

Below are 6 facts about It: Chapter Two that you probably didn’t already know already.

1. New Actors To Star As Losers

It: Chapter Two stars an additional new set of actors as the now grown-up members of the losers’ club and they include as Bill Denbrough, as Beverly Marsh, Bill Hader as Ben Hanson, Isaiah Mustafa as Richie Tozier, as Mike Hanlon, as Eddie Kaspbrak, and Andy Bean as Stanley Uris. However, the young versions of the members of the club are still portrayed by the same people who did in the 2017 film.

2. Bill Skarsgård Will Be Returning

The role of the primary form of It, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, is being reprised by . Jackson Robert Scott also reprises his role as Georgie Denbrough, only this time, he would be returning as a form of It. Javier Botet would be playing the role of Hobo as he did in the first film, as well as one of It’s form – The Witch. Joan Gregson also portrays another form of It, Mrs. Kersh and finally, It’s hideous true form, The giant spider would be played by Élodie Bouchez.

3. It: Chapter Two Will Move Between Timelines

An interesting fact about It: Chapter Two is that there will be a back and forth shift in the timeline between the present time of the movie and back to the past when the losers were still young; which is why they needed to cast both the younger and older versions of the characters.

4. It: Chapter Two Is Gorier Than The First Film

Pennywise’s return movie, which is rated R, is said to be even gorier and just as scary, if not scarier than the first film, by the screenwriter Gary Dauberman; which makes sense because the antagonist is more prepared than ever for vengeance against the kids who took it down. This fits perfectly well with what Jessica Chastain said about a scene in It: Chapter Two having the most blood that has ever been seen in a horror movie.

5. The Film Is Expected To Gross More Than The First

The second chapter of It, which has been fiercely anticipated by fans since Muschietti revealed plans to make a sequel in 2017. It is expected to beat the record of the first movie which grossed over $702 million worldwide, making over $123 million in its opening week, against a $30 million budget. With a budget of $60-70 million, a longer running time (169 minutes), coupled with the fact that it will be shown in more theaters than the previous film, It: Chapter Two has the potential to rake in over $200 million just from its global debut weekend.


6. End Of The Road For Pennywise And The Losers

Muschietti mentioned that there will not be a third part after It: Chapter Two when asked about their plans for the future. However, he also hinted that there might be other films made based on Stephen King’s Pennywise character because in the book, It has been around for several thousand years and there is a lot of drama to be explored in its past.

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