Kyle Krieger Biography: 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Him

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One of the most fascinating features of any human being is the hair they sport, at least for those with hairs on their head who make it into a unique style. For this reason, the practice of making one beautiful as it pertains to styling the hair is no task that should be attended to with frivolity. It is in this regard that professional and celebrity hairstylist Kyle Krieger comes to mention as one of the best hair styling experts who knows exactly what style suits which head, face, and persona.

His life as you would imagine is one that is prominently eventful with lots of people seeking to know what he is coming up with at any point in time, in addition to this, his background is also an item that will make for an interesting read as many are not in the know of it. If you are looking for information about him, you have just struck gold here, the following paragraphs will guide you through the birth and life events of Kyle Krieger, so, read on!

Biography Of Kyle Krieger

Kyle Krieger was born to Debbie and Ken Krieger (both physical instructors) on June 17, 1983, in Alexandria Virginia where he also grew up with his soccer star sister Ali Krieger. His parents who were both sports inclined exposed their two kids to sports but it turned out to be Ali who grew to carve a career in playing soccer while Kyle chose a different path in the beauty industry.

Growing up, Kyle faced lots of challenges, not for the sake of his parents not being buoyant enough to cater for his needs and that of the entire family, but for being born in a conservative society where he grew to find himself as being gay.

His mother recalls knowing he was different as early as when he was about 4 or 5 years old as he would purposely, yet childishly put on her dresses. In like manner, one of his teachers in prep school at a time also called his mother’s attention to his being all over girly dresses. His mother turned out to be supportive of her son and asked that he be allowed to be what he wants to be. On the other hand, Kyle’s father took an exception as his son turned out not being the man he wanted him to be.

Kyle Krieger, nevertheless, continued with life and passionately pursued his interest in becoming a hair stylist. He specialized in giving men a transforming look, either with a long or shortcut, classic or modern, whatever style you desire, Kyle is sure to deliver and even surpass your expectations.

When he is not working in the salon, he works on editorial and print campaigns for Levi’s and Trina Turk, making his YouTube videos or better still, he would go for his sister’s soccer games.

5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Him

1. Family: Gay Partner

Kyle, as stated earlier, is gay and open about it, being a celebrity and a popular social media figure, he also uses his fame to advocate for the rights of the rainbow community. Just like Kyle is gay, his sister Ali is also gay and open about it.

Kyle Krieger had Nico Tortorella as his gay partner and the two were seemingly into each other for the six months their relationship lasted in 2016. However, due to Tortorella’s work or perhaps another reason, came in the way of their relationship and gradually degraded it until they called time on it. Since their breakup, Kyle has not been known to date another person.

2. Social Media

The celebrity hairstylist, like most others in his profession, is very much visible on social media. He joined sometime in April 2009, and in July 2011. He is equally available on where he seems to be more active with over 1.5 million followers.

3. His Best Celebrity Run-in

Are you a fan of ? Kyle disclosed that the actor was his biggest celebrity run-in on his first weekend in Los Angeles when he was at a friend’s place for a game night of charades. Zac walked in and he literally couldn’t believe it. They all played till the wee hours.


4. Net Worth

The social media personality and hair fashion influencer – Kyle Krieger, has a net worth estimated to be about $3 million which comes mainly from his hair styling profession.

5. Drug Abuse

When he was much younger, he would take any hard substance that was set before him; be it alcohol, meth, or cocaine. Kyle continued on this path until a day came when he met a guy in a club at Miami who was almost dying from substance abuse and overdose. That encounter changed his life as he chose a life void of alcohol or any other hard drug. He has remained sober since then and even gave a talk in TEDx at the University of North Carolina, sometime in February 2016.

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