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Caitlin Carmichael may look sweet and unassuming, but under all that beauty and elegance is a young lady with enough fighting skills to arguably take down any opponent. The actress made her debut on television in the series In the Motherhood in 2008. Since then she has appeared in a slew of series and films. The actress is a trained fighter with a black belt to show for it. She is also a trained dancer but is most known for her roles on Shake It Up, Lizzie, iCarly, and Hot In Cleveland.

Caitlin Carmichael’s Bio

She was born Caitlin Elizabeth Carmichael on July 2, 2004, in Tifton, Georgia, United States. Caitlin steadily developed an interest for show business, the performing arts, and gymnastics. The actor did not really go to a traditional school as she was homeschooled for most of her education as she worked to kick start her career.

Her chance came in 2008 when she was just four years old. Although it was a small and short-lived role, it marked the beginning of her acting career. Carmichael played Sasha on an episode of In the Motherhood. After another small role on Mystery ER, she made an appearance in two movies and a series in 2010. These include 10 Things I Hate About You and Backlight.

The following year, Caitlin Carmichael portrayed the character Lucy in the comedy Conception. While the movie flopped at the box office, her performance didn’t. This brought her more opportunities that saw her appear in about a dozen other projects to round out 2011. Some of them include iCarly, Bag of Bones, True Blood, Law & Order: LA, and CSI: Miami.

The following year was another busy year for the young actress who was beginning to get bigger roles. Some of her big role movies in that year included Bad Days as Piper and The Dog Who Saved the Holidays as Kara.

Although the actress has made appearances mainly in series and short films, she has been in enough of them to adequately show her talent in front of the big screen. In 2014, these small performances gifted her opportunities on big sets like on 300; Rise of An Empire, Teacher of the Year, The Legend of Korra, and Chosen. Her time on Chosen saw her continue to play Ellie Mitchell, a leading role that began in 2013 and lasted for two years.

In 2015, Caitlin Carmichael appeared in another lead role on An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success. She played Maddy, the best friend to the leading character among a slew of other projects.

From 2015 to 2019, over 20 projects. These include Sweetheart (2015), A Boy Called Po (2016), The Night Visitor 2: Heather’s Story (2016), Doc McStuffins (2012 – 2017), Wheelman (2017), Young Sheldon (2018), The Good Doctor (2018), and Dwight In Shining Armor (2019).

Caitlin Charmichael’s Family

Carmichael was born to her parents Tom Carmichael and Catherine Carmichael. Her family have also been in her corner and supported her ambitions since she was a little kid. Her parents always made sure that nothing stood in her way, being their only child. In order to Caitlin to focus on making a career as an actress, her parents, especially her mother took it upon herself to home school her for the majority of her studies.

They let Caitlin fully express her creative abilities by enrolling her in dancing, martial arts at a very young age. Partly, in a bid to further Caitlin’s career, the family relocated to Los Angeles when she was just three years old. As soon as she turned four, her mother started to take her to try out for different roles at various auditions.

Her parents let her attend classes at JRP talent agency to prepare her for gigs in print media, modeling, commercials and acting. Her hard work paid off eventually with her debut on In the Motherhood, a success that she also owes to her family’s support.

Life Achievements and Timeline

Caitlin Carmichael has several achievements to show for her career. She has received several nominations and awards for her efforts in front of the screen. In 2010, she won an International Presentation of Performers Star of the Year Award.

The actress has won three Young Artist Awards in different categories since 2012. The categories she has won in include Best Performance for Supporting Young Actress (Bag of Bones, 2012); Best Performance in a Voice-Over Role, Television (Doc McStuffins, 2013); and Best Web Performance for Young Actress (Chosen, 2014).


Celebrity Facts About Caitlin Carmichael

  1. For her debut role, she stood out so much that she was hand-picked by famous actress to play Sasha, her on-screen daughter on In the Motherhood.
  2. Caitlin Carmichael’s career has also seen her appear in national commercials for some big brands like Ralph Lauren, Dillards, and Toys “R” Us.
  3. In 2008, she attended the International Presentation of Performers in Los Angeles. During the audition for the event, she was the youngest participant in a sea of over 2,500 contestants attending the event.
  4. The actress’s career has been really busy since she made her bow in 2008. As of 2019, Caitlin Carmichael has been part of over 60 projects, including films, series, and animations.
  5. The actress is also building her portfolio as a screenwriter. Her first writing gig came on an episode of Dwight In Shining Armor, a show which she also stars in as the character Gretta.
  6. She has also gotten to share the set with movie greats like , Eva Green, Olivia Wilde, , and .
  7. Whenever she is not acting, Carmichael loves to do volunteer work, especially partnering with the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church on a mission to provide food for the homeless.

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